Human remains found by mushroom hunters

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Two people hunting mushrooms in Brown County, found human remains instead.

Brown County Sheriff and Indiana State Police officers are investigating the remains, but at this time are not sure if the remains belong to a male or female.

ISP crime scene investigators and the Brown County Deputy Coroner are working to identify the cause and manner of death.


  • Dale Platt

    I see you've gotten tickets from them before…
    Now STFU and go away…

    Unless ofc you've watched so many episodes of "Bones" that your now an expert!

    • anon

      It's too bad you can't post anything intelligent! That's what happens when your IQ is in the single digits! You are truly a moron, & you prove it every day!

  • anon

    If the remains are too decomposed, as in skeletal, gender & identification will need to be determined in autopsy, especially if no gender-specific clothing is worn; even then, that's not a guarantee. I know several females who won't be caught dead in women's clothing. They're not all gay, either, they just refuse to wear women's clothing.

    The best way to determine male from female in skeletal remains is to note the differences in pelvic formation- a male pelvis is shaped differently from a female's. Most cops are not going to be able to see the difference, because it's slight; that's why it usually has to be determined in autopsy.

    • anon

      Same here! Whoever the person was, his or her family will want to be able to have a proper burial. My condolences.

  • Steven

    dang didnt think morel mushrooms would be up yet…time to go find some, hopefully i dont find a body

    • Guest

      It appears truth has to from another state.The Indiana State Police DO NOT only patrol State highways. They are in charge of all major crimes ,and assist city and county police in crimes that they can not handle. If the State cops from are as you say ,to bad for your home state . If you are just mad because you got a ticket , to bad. I am a farm,and my knuckles do not drag,unless it is across some asses face ,when they talk out of there other mouth attached to there back side.

      • Loft

        where did they ever say anything like that? they where talking about finding some mushrooms..i think you replied to the wrong post….

  • Pam Daulton`

    there is a family in Bloomington Ind., who is looking for their daughter, who is assumed to be dead. It has been 2 years. All these smart ass remarks about a trooper being able to identify the remains is stupid. The remains may never be identified but someone is missing a loved one, no matter what. Having a sister who is a retired trooper I know for a fact the above comments are unwarranted.,

    • Guy

      There are many families looking for a loved one. Not just the one from Bloomington. Tragic and sad, but I hope for closure for a family.

    • anon

      Whoever's remains these end up being, I hope they are able to ID them & that they are turned over to family for proper burial. Someone's missing loved one will hopefully be able to rest in peace.

    • Lee

      a dark nation coming and the poeple hasa voice. we gettting what we get a cut ot the chain of slaveery is up on us. the good revverard has hour back nd four once the pople has spoken

  • Guest

    Lee you have smoked way too much tonite. Go to bed. Sleep it off. Hopefully you will wake up to reality in the morning. Good night, pumpkin.

  • Paul Hershberger

    To serve and protect was a nice slogan years ago. Today they fill quotas by stopping anyone with a license plate light out and hope they smell alcohol.

    • Lindsey

      Paul, there are studies to prove that these minor traffic violation stops actually lead to police finding illegal drugs and guns (such as felons carrying a handgun) more often than major traffic violation stops. Look up the academic research article The Indianapolis Gun Experiment by Edmund McGarrell, Steven Chermak, and Alexander Weiss.

  • Lindsey

    Wow someone doesn't know what they are talking about. It is harder to get onto the state police, more physically and mentally demanding, and they have a longer and harder academy. Plus they don't have the same backup as most local officers so they are pretty much out there on their own. If someone tries to fight or overpower a Trooper then it is just him/her and their training with backup running lights and sirens 20 minutes away. Oh did I forget to mention that IMPD actually sends a lot of their forensic lab work to the state police because IMPD is behind PLUS they do not have equipment as nice as ISP. So in this instance where they cannot determine if it is a male or female (forensics) Indiana State Police would be the go to department and are the best in the state other than Federal Law Enforcement.

  • Don't Say it's so!

    Hey guess what!!!!! A lot of local police departments have ticket quotas as well. *GASP* You mean departments actually want to hold their officers accountable. Departments want to see their officers are doing something instead of sitting in their patrol cars all day or night…Which you'd be complaining about right now in that case too. Guess what else…Most of the time they are just contact quotas, so as long as they pull someone over they can give a citation or warning…with low number citation quotas.

  • to the ungrateful

    you "people" who keep slamming the police – you have no idea about what it is to be a police officer. Untill you walk in thier shoes, you cann't understand. Try putting your life on the line each and every day! Putting yourself in harms way for someone they don't even know!

  • Wondering

    Hopefully they can figure out who these remains belong to and why they were there. No doubt someone was killed and left in the woods. Close to IU it could be……..

  • The Truth

    ISP is taking a couple of days to investigate actual crimes, instead of performing their main duty of being highway revenue agents for the state? I'm surprised. The trooper who is doing this better get back to his ticket quota soon, though. Gotta meet those "performance goals," which are absolutely NOT ticket quotas. LOL!

    • Loft

      they are called state police which means they deal with everything in the state..they are not highway patrol police that only deal with highways. And they dont make stuff up to make a "quota" if someone is speeding then they deserve a ticket

  • guest

    Hey they are talking about illegal people here well there is one working at the culverts one Kentucky Ave her name is Cindy lopez

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