Man runs over officer’s feet, cop fires weapon

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An IMPD officer shoots at a suspect after the man runs over the officer’s feet.

It happened at a Korger parking lot on East 10th Street near Shadeland Avenue, around 10 p.m. Friday night.

The officer approached a motorist about his loud music. As the officer issued a citation, the suspect drove off, running over the officer’s feet. That’s when the police officer fired two shots, hitting the back windshield of the driver’s vehicle.

The driver went home and called police, but when IMPD arrived, they arrested him.

The officer was injured but did not go to the hospital.


  • Too bad

    So it’s the drivers fault the dumb cop didn’t step back after handing him the citation? Gee what ever happend to the cop that killed the guy on the motorcycle ???

  • tater bug

    they need to worry about all the killing's over their and not the loud music he prob got smart with that guy and he just pulled away and did not even know he run over the cop's foot

  • Rosetaz

    Since when is loud music illegal in a parking lot? Guess there's a loud music ordinance in that area huh? So, why did the cop stand so near the car anyway? Doesn't he know how big his feet are? Shot at, why, because the stupid cop kept his feet planted after issuing a ticket. Arrested too, because the cop forgot to step away from the car? Aren't they taught how tires under a car track when the vehicle is moving?

    • DT Smith

      That is correct. There is an anti-noise ordinance in Marion County that addresses loud mufflers – squeeling tires – music and other matters having to do with proper home training and simple courtesy – some times called 'home training.'

      • USA

        No there is not squealing tires is an ticket for unsafe start. There is noise pollution on from sunset to sunrise. If its daylight out you can legally play your music as loud as you want.

      • bt1340

        Squealing tires can get you an "anti-noise" ticket along with others, depends on the officers mood. Your attitude and behavior can determine how many tickets you get. Your actions, as we see here, can get you shot.

      • Nightstick29

        Sorry, the Marion County noise ordinance is in effect 24 hours a day. It is stricter at night.

  • Roy Harper

    Why was off-duty cop writing a ticket? Why fire weapon after his feet were run over and driver was leaving (cop didn’t need medical attention, the driver was no threat). Cop should be in jail for reckless endangerment! Trigger-happy rent-a-cop is a bigger danger to public than loud music!

  • j.b.

    There are ordinances everywhere about Loud music they are just not inforced often. They story sounds to me as the person drove off BEFOREthe officer had the chance to oissue the situation (fleeing). Worth that being said the officer had no good reason to discharge his weapon.

    • anon

      Your 1rst 2 points are good, but I think the officer may have had reason to discharge his weapon, because the driver was fleeing after causing injury to the officer. He may not have had enough time to react & move as the car was leaving to avoid getting his feet run over. I also think you are correct about the driver pulling off before the officer actually handed him the ticket. Lastly, the driver was a MORON for calling the police to report the incident after he got home! I'm so glad they arrested him; he deserved it! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

      • j.b.

        Key word here is fleeing, not approaching. This was for a citation and the officer had the guys info. This officer fired his weapon not in self defense but in reaction. Being in such a public area he endangered the lives of innocent people. The other problem here is he was off duty and should be treated as a civilian employee not a cop. If i were to do this ad san armed security guard i would have investigated.

        None of these circumstance gives the the right to do any puff the things he did. I am glad he was arrested and mom forward toseeing him on world dumbest.

  • mrsalexander

    not enough info in this story to determine who was at fault…but it was enough to determine that the officer had no reasonto discharge his weapn..other than the obvious….he was pissed…could have killed or injured someone…and what do foodstamps have to do with this situation at all??? is it seriously being implied that only ppl in this area recieve foodstamps or better yet that all of the ppl in this area do??? i know working class citizens that recieve assistance…all ages and races and social classes…that just sounded ignorant _

  • Common Sense

    According to some half-retarded commenters on here, everyone has the right to violate noise ordinances, and if a police officer attempts to enforce the law, you are free to ignore him, drive off, and strike him with your car.

    It's no wonder our country is going downhill. The only tragedy in this story is that the officer's bullets missed.

  • Mikey

    Shooting at an unarmed man over a citation puts everyone in danger. The bullet has to come down somewhere. I'm sure this person was just some ghetto thug, but still very very poor decision by this officer. He could have killed someone over loud music. This officer should be suspended. Any other person would lose there gun privileges.

    • Steven

      any other person would go to jail if they did this, but there has and always will be a double standard for officers. 99.999% of officers are smart and only there to protect but there is still that .001% that feel they run the world

  • Mickey

    Since Fox59 didn't disclose the persons race comments are allowed. If they were to mention this was a man of black color comments would be disabled.

    • anon

      The reason that so many crimewatch articles mentioning the individual's race have been disabled is because the racist comments have been highly offensive & out of control. If people would learn how to post without offensive racial slurs, commenting abilities may eventually get re-enabled. As a Caucasian, I find all the racist comments extremely offensive & support the efforts of the blog admin to address the issue; it should never have gotten to the point that it did before anything was done!

  • John Howard

    "It happened at a Korger parking lot on East 10th Street near Shadeland Avenue,"

    Let's go Korgering, Korgering, Korgering! The happy way to shop!

    Anyone else remember that old jingle?

  • waiting

    Officer did not need medical help.
    Officer was handing citation so he has drivers information.
    Officer could have found driver at a later time.
    Shots are fired?!?
    Anyone could have been killed over a bruised (ego) foot.
    Officer way overstepped.

    • anon

      Drivers info may have had an old address. At the high price of a drivers license, many people don't update their info every time they move.

  • Steven

    the officer was injured but did not go to the hospital…so his life wasnt in danger if he didnt need to go to the hospital…so why in the world would he unholster his (probably Glock 9) and fire 2 shots at the back of a car? If he was issuing a citation then he would have atleast had the drivers license plate number and could have easily tracked the man down at a later time. Instead he decided to fire 2 rounds in a parking lot that im sure was full of regular people just trying to do a little shopping. The driver was at fault for pulling away and the officer was at fault for firing a weapon in a parking lot. This is a 100% lose lose situation but the officer will not get introuble for this, if anything he will get a week or so off work with "paid leave" aka a vacation, Just like when kids get suspended from school for a week, they days they miss never count against their so called "sick days"

    • Really

      When someone is suspended from IMPD they receive no pay. Why in the world would any employer discipline someone by suspending them with pay? Ignorance is a disease….

      • Steven

        it happens all the time…just look at the rutgers coach that got fired and still received a paycheck

      • Steven

        im not referring to model number being a glock saying a glock that shoots a 9mm if i wanted to say the model number i would say a glock 26 which shoots a 9mm

      • Steven

        only an idiot says noob….really go back to playing call of duty

        how about you all get back to the news story and stop trolling before the comments get disabled on this story just like all the rest


        "Call of duty" is about your level of firearms expertise, if you really use the term "Glock 9." Go back to INGO with the other closet homo tinfoil hat nut cases, Rambo.

    • hater

      get off the stupid nigger thug cock you ignorant asshole..using the wrong gun information and saying that people get suspended with pay while they are under investigation..then arguing all the time with people when they try to put your stupid ass down…only thing wrong with this story is that the cops bullets didnt hit that stupid monkey in the head after he was blaring his loud thug drug and gun infused music in a parking lot of a grocery store no do us a favor and go kill yourself with a "GLOCK 9"

  • Blueliner

    Not a rent-a-cop! Real police. And kroger employs them to protect against people who think running over ANY part of a cop is ok. At least the idiot called 911 and got the law to arrest him at home!

  • melissa

    I go to this Kroger all the time. Last time I was there the IMPD cop was busy playing the claw machine while his vehicle sat running outside. The guy shouldn’t have fired his weapon and nothing will be done about it either. I am sick of hearing loud, ghetto ass music all the time though. Both guys are idiots.

  • Indianoplace

    Some cops overstep the law frequently, and usually its the poor, and minorities that suffer from their actions. And with all that training why shoot to kill, and not to subdue. Why allow dogs to rip and tear the flesh of another human being, even if they are a suspect? They've been proven guilty of nothing at that point, but now you can be judge, prosecutor and jury? And you wonder why the relationship with the poor people of color is so bad. He should be arrested for public endangerment, people have to speak up because they will always protect each other, stating he was operating within police policy, thats why they arrested the individual, to ultimately cover their a**es.

    • Really

      I suggest you do a ride along and see for yourself what goes on. You sound like all the others that complain about the police. Most have no first hand knowledge. Some have received a traffic ticket in the past and that just fuels their discontent. Others watch WAY too much TV. Get out there and educate yourself from the other side.

    • James

      Why would the poor and minorities be singled out–if they recieve food stamps where did they get the exspesive music system?

  • secrete

    Quite frankly I just think they both made bad decisions maybe in the heat of the moment which is something most people are guilty of everyday but to make this a racial issues is stupid I’ve pulled up to cars with loud music in many different neighborhoods black white mexican ect. so why does it have to be an “urban” issue…..

  • James Lakin


  • Kris_Chris

    Or is Reverend Jesse going to show up and say the officer had no reason to write a ticket to a POS thug breaking the law and running down a cop?

  • nicktkachuk

    The police officer did his job. The kid showed disrespect for the law and
    his actions injured the police officer. Hopefully this young man has learned
    his lesson.

    • anon

      Doubt it! He was dumb enough to call the police to report his rear window got shot out; guess it didn't occur to him that fleeing & running over a police officer would get him arrested! Next thing you know, he'll be featured on "America's Dumbest Criminals" LMAO!

  • overit

    It is amazing how people choose to use a situation to spread their racist and ignorant believes.I also find it sad and pathetic that people take advantage of the internet to express their opinion because their to scared to say it when they know their face will be seen.I find loud music very offensive,but to assume that the gentleman was black is ridiculous. I've seen a lot of white people blast heavy rock music and so forth.Please lets stick to the issue and leave race out of it.





  • Fox sucks

    Hey Fox59 Blog Admin, i know you're reading this. Why dont you go tell your boss that you guys need a proof reader!? Almost every story i read on here has some kind of typo or is poorly written/worded. Maybe instead of being a comment nazi YOU could do some proof reading instead.

  • Edward Scissorhands

    How much more can we take from police! How bout the guy accidentally ran over the cops feet and the cop purposely tried to kill him! And the driver was arrested! No justice! They just do whatever they want! Half of them aren’t in it for the paycheck and to provide for their families but most of them are cowboys or I will say cowards! Probably were a bunch of pussies before getting a gun and badge!

    • Loft

      how do you accidentally pull away from a cop before he hands you your citation and then hear he scream (he had to do something if his foot got ran over) and then not stop?

      it is never an accident when you try to run from the cops

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