Off-duty officer goes above and beyond to arrest intoxicated burglar

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Talk about good timing. An off-duty metro police officer sprang into action after he heard a call for help come over the scanner. A woman called 911 saying someone was trying to break into her home.

It happened in the 6100 block of Rosalyn Avenue in Broad Ripple just after 3 a.m. Saturday.

Sgt. Dean Fischer is no stranger to the Broad Ripple scene. The 25-year veteran used to patrol the area for years and was filling in for a friend that night. Fischer was on his way home when he heard about the burglary in progress.

Fischer says the closest officer on patrol at the time was 10 minutes away.

“Drunk people do the strangest things,” said Fischer. “Right then, I turn down the road, and I shot my light up. I’m right in front of her house.”

He got to the scene in less than 30 seconds to find 22-year-old Sergio Briceno stumbling around the house and up the steps to the front door.

“Not even an inkling where he was,” said Fischer. “He was belligerent and trying to get back in the door again. I hear two dogs barking in the house.”

The homeowner called police after she heard someone trying to come in. The woman told dispatchers she had a gun.

“It scared her to death. [She’s a] middle-aged young lady [with] two dogs,” Fischer said. “If he could have gotten in, it’s hard to tell what could happen.”

Thanks to good timing, the woman never used her weapon. Fischer arrested the drunken burglar and put him in his car.

“She thought I put him in a cab,” he joked. “Well sometimes we’re mistaken for cabs.”

It’s no mistake Fischer was at the right place at the right time.

“Crime fighting is 85-percent luck and 15-percent criminal stupidity,” he said. “Actually, it’s probably 50-50.”

Briceno was arrested for public intoxication. He told Fischer he was trying to go to a house on Meridian nearly 20 blocks away.


  • RedState_Vet

    "Fischer says the closest officer on patrol at the time was 10 minutes away."

    10 minutes- so if someone kicks in your door, you hide upstairs and call 911, and you are told 10 minutes- would you feel safe?

    Arm yourself.

    • Mr Biggz

      That's pretty much what 911 would have told her. Except .. she was armed!
      Would have let the dogs (granted the kind you want on an intruder) take a bit out of crime first. Love it when dogs tenderize the bad guys!

      She was fortunate this cop was on his way home and basically right there! Perhaps this drunken fool didn't know where he was. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. If Officer Fischer didn't come along this guy would probably be on a slab at the morgue. Although in trouble now, he should be counting his blessings he's still alive too!

    • forte

      no thats to long they need to be ready on weekends for the ones with out guns,but if that was me when my knob turned and i new it was someone i didnt no lol i would shot the whole door off.lbvs opened door and killed him out of being scared of waiting that long for help,my nervers bad already.

  • Loft

    "The homeowner called police after she heard someone trying to come in. The woman told dispatchers she had a gun."

    That's the best 911 there is. All the responsible homeowners take a page from this woman's book and get one while you can. Because after the laws change we will not be able to get one but the criminals and thugs on the street will. The government is already trying to short ammo buy putting in massive bids on rounds that the makers are required to fill before they can sell to the average retailer.

  • Ingo Sucks

    Josh, knock it off with your facts and common sense. You are ruining the INGO members' whack job conspiracy theories and throwing a monkey wrench into their circle jerk.

  • Josh

    Funny thing is, I am a gun owner, it's just that anytime I hear anything that touches on the topic of gun control from either side I like to research rather then take it at face value. So yeah, I use common sense and look up the facts, though I do know a few owners who believe the conspiracy theories when they first hear them.

  • Starvin_Marvin

    Police Officer using a police take home car driving home from a part time job probably prevented a person from being shot and killed.

    • Mr Biggz

      That's what I'm saying. Unless it's tamed down a bit there (highly doubt it) that they can reign in a few officers.

  • deejay76

    When this drunken imbecile sobers up, he should get down on his knees and thank Sgt. Fischer for saving him from eating a bullet sandwich last night. Good work Sgt!

  • jjj

    I'm glad he was charged accordingly. He was no burglar just a lost and confused drunk at the wrong house.

    This actually happens from time to time, although more common at apartments that all look the same.

  • Josh

    Kinda Funny that the comment I made before Ingo's comment about that the ammo makers have said that the shortage has nothing to do with the government has been taken down

  • badcopnodonut

    Funny that comments get left on for this story, but get turned off for the story about raising cops' morale. I guess it wouldn't help cops' morale to know what people really think of them. 😀

    (And once again, when seconds count police are minutes away… unless you're lucky and catch one on the way home, when you're armed and not the one that really needs them.)

  • Christine Scales

    Thank you Sgt. Fischer for doing your duty even when you weren'ton the clock. Rude comments pertaining to officers, display a total lack of ignorance for the responsibilities and dangers you all face on a daily basis. Limited resources to protect yourselves and the public. Are all those expired bullet proof vests replaced yet? How about those 100,000 mile + cars whose brakes might fail during a high speed chase?It might have crossed Sgt. Fischer's mind when he responded while off duty, that "no good deed goes unpunished". Remember how Major Conley and other off duty officers heard about the Bisard crash and rushed to the scene to assist in securing the area, etc.? Their thanks- public character assassination and demotion based on false charges. I am confident though, that Director Riggs would never perpetrate the evils Straub did. Still-I don't believe the public will ever know the extent of what you do to protect and serve the rest of us citizens.
    You all have my support and appreciation. Christine Scales, City County Councillor, District 4 (North District)

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