Temperatures climb quickly on Sunday

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Central Indiana had another chilly day to contend with after a much warmer work week.  Temperatures only climbed to 50-55°F this afternoon.  Clouds lingered in our northern counties much longer and that kept temperatures to the north much cooler.  Skies become mostly clear late this afternoon through 1 AM.  But after that, clouds will start moving back in again as the warm front arrives.  Skies become partly cloudy and we’ll see the possibility for some isolated showers from 3-7 AM on Sunday. But this is not a guaranteed chance for rainfall at all.


We’ll start the day on Sunday with partly cloudy skies and more mild morning temperatures.  Temperatures climb quickly now that we are below the warm front.  Warm air advection will be strong thanks to a south wind at 12 to 22 mph during the day. This means that heat and moisture will start to build quickly.  Temperatures should climb to 70, if not a few degrees warmer than that Sunday afternoon.   Skies also become mostly sunny by mid afternoon.


Here’s your temperature track for Sunday.


The warmer temperatures are definitely going to be around for several days again.  But a cold front headed our way on Monday will stall out and keep in rainfall chances for a good part of the work week.  This set up is looking very similar to the set up we had last week.  Monday – Wednesday bring in chances for showers and thunderstorms, but none of these days will be plagued with rainfall all day long. We’ll still see hours of dry weather to get outside and enjoy the 70+ degree heat.  The rainfall and thunderstorm chance increase by late Wednesday and into Thursday morning.  This would be our better chance for heavy rainfall and potentially stronger/severe storms.  But at this point, it’s too early to put access if we’ll see severe weather.

Temperatures turn cool again as we end the work week. Highs will be lucky to reach 50 on Friday with isolated showers and a cooler wind flow.

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