Motorcyclist critically injured in hit and run

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IMPD is looking for the driver who crashed into a motorcyclist and then drove away Saturday night.

That  motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after the hit and run.

It happened just after 11 p.m. at the intersection of 21st and North Kenyon streets on the east side.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call police.


  • Loft

    if anyone knows anything about this please call the police, how can someone hit anybody and take off leaving another person for dead. Anyone that flees from an accident like this should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lifes to die in prison alone just like they left this person on the street alone

  • USA

    Buddy at work got tboned leaving work on him motorcycle. Greenwood cop told him, well they are probably already at home eating dinner.

    • jjj

      Unfortunately hit-and -run is very common. I'm not saying the cops don't care, but it's hard to do anything about it. Chase em down if you can, because it's your money at stake.

  • Common Sense

    Motorcycles are 10 times more dangerous than cars. Anyone half-wit who gets on a motorcycle eventually gets what is coming to them. It's simple, really. Hurtle down the road at high speeds with no protection = funeral waiting to happen.

    We all end up paying for these thrill seeking morons through higher health care costs. But hey….they sure are "cool."

    • Curt

      Really? It's just a choice of transportation. Some people might consider someone in a vehicle that doesn't pay attention to others on the road beign a moron. Personally, the one that ran away and left this man lying in the street is the one contributing to higher health cost, NOT the guy riding the bike. That just shows pure disregard for anyone other than yourself

      • Common Sense

        JJJ, you demonstrate the biker mentality perfectly. It's all about how much pu$$y you can get, how many tattoos you can get, or how much beer you can drink. Very high class group, these bikers.

      • jjj

        I guess I don't have the biker mentality, I'm not really a biker though. I don't understand your disdain though. For every motorcycle on the road, there is an Individual riding it.

        The term 'biker' seems pretty broad these days, by true definition bikers are a rarity.

        Btw, this article isn't about a biker. It pertains to an adult riding a lightless child's mini dirtbike on the street at night and the resulting tragedy.

    • Loft

      they are looking for someone who crashed INTO a motorcycle..not a motorcycle that crashed into a car. Who say they where speeding? who said they didnt have protection on? you made alot of idiotic as*umptions about the person that is sitting in the hospital right now, when he wasnt the one that hit someone and ran one day we will all have to pay for your health care cost when you make a stupid statement about someone in real life and they beat you half to death..but hey…you sure did sound "cool"

      • Common Sense

        My point, you morons, is the lack of protection when riding a motorcycle. It doesn't matter whose fault the crash is. In fact, MOST crashes involving motorcycles are the fault of the other driver, who "did not see" the motorcyclist. That doesn't change the fact that if the motorcyclist would have been in a car or truck instead, the chance for serious injury or death is at least 10 TIMES less.

        And Loft, you don't have to worry about paying my health care costs after some idiot like you tries to attack me. I won't even bill you for the rounds of ammo I use. Shows what a nice guy I am.

      • Loft

        it that was your point then your first post did not do a good job at all in saying that, if thats what you meant then you should have put that instead of saying that people that ride bikes are half wit that hurtle down the roads at fast speeds

      • Common Sense

        People that ride bikes ARE half-wits that hurtle down the road at fast speeds. Even going the speed limit is very fast, for someone with no protection. An impact at 25 mph with no protection is enough to kill you, if you are on a bike.

      • daughter of a biker

        Ummmmm……Common Sense is the wrong screen name dummy. My dad has been riding for 40 yrs and I assure you he is not a half-wit. He is now a 60 yr old retiree who owns his home and property on a lake, married 32 to my mom when she died and still makes sure e respects her and her memory. Riding is a passion you dillhole! He and all the other bikers i've known my whole life are respectable human beings.

      • 1337

        you sir, sound like the most boring pathetic human being that has ever wastefully consumed oxygen. I bet you lather yourself with hand-sanitizer before leaving the house you fearful mundane stooge. the next time anyone does anything remotely dangerous we will be here patiently awaiting your hindsight, being as it is obvious that your banal life is limited to spouting your worthless opinion on a tragedy.

  • jjj

    Look on WISH TV 8 site, they have a picture of the 'motorcycle'

    It's a child's dirtbike with no lights, had no business being on the street, The driver must have had something to hide.

      • jjj

        What was it then. Are they using a file photo? There is clearly a little red dirtbike laying on it's side in the street with the police paint markings all around it.

      • Loft

        you must not know what a dirtbike looks like, that bike is 2 wide to, got a actual motorcycle engine, but ya your right it does have knob tires on it, but that doesnt make it a dirtbike

  • Liz

    Sorry for the person hit. I was hit years ago and the driver ran. I caught the kid though. He was running late for work. Whatever. He made it to jail and not work anyway.

  • foxie1976

    this could of been your brother, sister,dad, your cousin or a family, neighbours. u should should have a heart its a human being, there life on the line. have simply 4 his family that he makes it, these are trouble times 4 them. it might of been someone with no drivers licence, they need 2 put thereselves in there place or imangine if its there family member someone left them on the side of the road 2 die they would think twice.

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