Three people shot at Marion bar

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Three people are recovering after being shot at a Marion bar. It all happened around 2:50 a.m. Sunday at RD’s Bar on 1525 S. McClure Street.

When officers arrived, they found all three victims suffering from multiple gun shots each. Two of the victims were life-lined to Fort Wayne Hospital Trauma Centers in critical condition. The third victim was treated and released. Their names are not being released at this time.

The Marion Police Department is looking for 29-year-old Jerry D. Campbell in connection with the shooting. Campbell is around 6’02” and 185 lbs. If you have any information, you are asked to contact Marion Police, Crime Stoppers, or your local police department.


      • jjj

        How do you know this, and what's it matter if you are correct?

        Show some human like characteristics please.

      • Gat273

        "How do you know this"

        I know baby cakes. In some areas just to start the thing up(The Medical Helicopter)is around $10K with as much as $300.00 per mile.

        I know because I'm involved with folks that ask people to pay for these expensive rides when they don't want to.

        "what's it matter if you are correct"

        It matters that these fools went and got themselves shot. More than likely over nothing. It matters that their antics cost the community time and money if the form of po-lease, EMT and fire costs.

        It matters that these boys nor their families will think of paying for the chopper ride much less the hospital bills.

        The costs will be shoved on to the rest of us in the form of higher insurance premiums, and medical costs or taxes as Uncle Sugar most certainly will be picking up a chunk of the settled costs.

        I shouldn't be forced to subsidize their good timing that ended with getting capped.

        "human like characteristics"

        Some times choices have to be made. Save saggin' dread lock thugs, who unless they cut a rap album will be a drain to society or little Johnny or Jonquita who have real futures from cancer.

        I say let the thugs go for themselves. Should have loaded them in the car with the tweenie inch rims and drove them to the hospital.

      • anon

        I know a lot of people think you are being a jerk about this, but you are right when you say Uncle Sugar will be paying for these fools' stupidity, just as I also doubt that they will ever pay for their chopper ride either, in spite of the fact that their foolishness put them there to begin with. If they aren't already on disability, they will try to get on now. Funny thing, though, I went to school with a person who used to be a drug dealer, got shot in the leg 6x & has tried for over 12 years to get disability. SSA keeps denying it, because of the drug/gang activity. So, I wish these people luck! I am usually compassionate, but this sounds like they got in a gunfight over something stupid, like drugs or a hoe, so I'm not inclined to feel real sorry for these idiots.

      • Loft

        so what if they cant pay for a 15k ride to the hospital..they deserve to die?

        i agree that going to a bar in a ghetto area is stupid and only leads to trouble but to say that just shows no compassion and shows you are not a very good person

      • Gat273

        "so what if they cant pay for a 15k ride to the hospital..they deserve to die? "

        Thank you Loft, I knew we could count on your sizable donation to the Save-A-Thug telethon.

        "Because a thug is a terrible thing to waste." Not!!

        That's exactly what I'm saying. If I have a choice between saving a person who is contributing to society or at the very least not sucking the life out of it, I'm going with the former rather than the latter.

        I'm pretty sure that a lot of government money in the form of welfare, food stamps, section 8(for his momma of course) has gone into keeping him going this long. Time to cut the dead wood afloat.

      • jjj

        You don't know who was injured, could have been a bar waitress or someone delivering beer. You do not know their financial situation or if they have insurance or not.

        You are a fool and a racist.

      • Gat273

        "You don't know who was injured, could have been a bar waitress or someone delivering beer.

        C'mon…You're just being ridiculous now. You know better than that.

        Keep dreaming if fantasies like this make you feel better. While you're at it, please write a check to the hospital to cover the costs they're going to have to eat.

      • Gat273

        "stop acting like your the only one that pays for this stuff with your taxes"

        Stop acting like because many pay taxes stuff like this this is OK

        It's easy for you, a non-productive, useless eater to say things like this as you're really putting little to nothing in the system to begin with.

      • Steven

        ya you are right Gat..i do think it is ok when someone gets shot and has to get life lined to a hospital

        And its people like you that are non-productive useless people, because its easy to tell what type of person you are with the post you make, and uneducated racist piece of trash that is going to die alone

      • Gat273

        "ya you are right Gat..i do think it is ok when someone gets shot and has to get life lined to a hospital "

        Awwwww. I'm sorry… Did I hurt your feelings Stevie? I'm sorry baby, I hope you feel better.

        In the meantime, get off the couch and disability and get a real job. Stop sucking the system dry with your nonsense.

        Stop spending other's money as if it were your own.

        "going to die alone"

        Yeah, you're probably right. I hope that thought makes you feel better for the duration of the rest of your useless life.

        After your meaninglessness, empty death that left zero to society other than a bunch of whiny 0's and 1's I shall look down on your unvisited,overgrown pauper field grave from mine on the hill.

      • Steven

        "Awwwww. I'm sorry… Did I hurt your feelings Stevie? I'm sorry baby, I hope you feel better.

        In the meantime, get off the couch and disability and get a real job. Stop sucking the system dry with your nonsense. "

        no you didnt hurt my feelings but you sure are showing how stupid you are, and i have a job and work 40 hours a week and contribute alot more to the city than you because i work at a housing repair and remodel company that turns shit houses into something worth living in. And i also pay taxes to the state each week, so while you sit at your job doing whatever it is you think is so great and only paying taxes remember that there are people out there contributing alot more than you ever will. And yes your right it does make me feel alot better to know that you will die alone.

        Look at all your post they are all negative post trying to put people down. Take a look in the mirror and you will realize that you are the red spot on the side of society. Funny to see how stupid you are by trying to put stuff like "Stevie" and "aww did i hurt your feelings". You are a piece of trash that thinks you are better than everyone else, do us all a favor and grab your GAT from your monkey pull the hammer back and put yourself in the nice grave up on the hill

      • Gat273

        "no you didnt hurt my feelings"

        Sure I did. Your fonts tell me this.

        The fact that you would let a monkey with a pistol force you to validate yourself shows your little feelings were hurt.

        That fact that you went through the archives and reviewed The Gat Monkey's greatest hits shows a real life is something you don't have.

        Your cute little death wish is the icing on the cake. It shows you're a little person wants to lash out at the world but can't. Your rant shows that a little avatar can get you to reveal your life to the world.

        What really amazes me is that you took time out of a lovely day to cry online while most people including myself were outside.

        Once again, Stevie, I'm sorry baby!!

      • Steven

        "What really amazes me is that you took time out of a lovely day to cry online while most people including myself were outside. "

        You have more post on here today than i do…simple baby!!

        "Once again, Stevie, I'm sorry baby!!"

        Atleast you apologize when you know you are acting like a fool.

      • jjj

        It's doesn't cost $15,000 an hour to operate that helicoptor. So there is the root of the problem right there.

        You act like the insured do not contribute to the extreme cost of healthcare too. No one enters the game without going devastatingly broke by the healthcare system.

        You..Gat with your almighty insurance are only one medical emergency away from bankruptcy yourself. Also one medical emergency away from your insurance paying out tenfold over the amounts you have given them over time. So when you shout out "well you pay for it" put your money where your mouth is, and don't act like you pay for it either, because you don't .

      • Gat273

        "t's doesn't cost $15,000 an hour to operate that helicoptor. So there is the root of the problem right there"

        It doesn't cost $10.00 for an aspirin but that's what's being charged. It is what it is.

        "e. So when you shout out "well you pay for it" put your money where your mouth is, and don't act like you pay for it either, because you don't "

        Sure I do in the form of higher medical costs and higher taxes and higher insurance costs and co-pays.

        Let people like the thugs and you go to the prisons or workhouses for treatment and sustenance.

        I know, you would rather die first. That's cool, 'If you would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Steven and jjj are a couple of morons who ultimately help perpetuate criminal behavior by coddling the criminals.

        Their story would be different had their dumb azzes gotten shot.

      • Steven

        Who ever said the 3 people shot where criminals???? and i never said the stupid fuck that did the shooting should be let go or anything so how am i coddling him? he should be put in jail for the rest of his life but just because someone was at a bar in marion county and got shot doesnt mean they where thug criminals.

      • anon

        I bet it does cost $15,000 to operate the helicopter- for 1 thing, it has to have advanced life-support equipment on board, or what's the point? Then they have to pay the pilot, who doesn't work for minimum wage, they also have to pay the EMT's to provide care, & for lifeline services. they have to be experienced, & they also don't work for minimum wage, they have to pay administrative costs, medications, supplies, etc. If you've ever seen an itemized bill for services, the prices are inflated compared to what you would pay for say, a roll of gauze at the store. If a typical ambulance ride is $600, why wouldn't a lifeline chopper ride cost $15,000?

      • Loft

        if they where all thugs like your saying then we would have multiple suspects because they would have shot back. not one guy that went crazy and shot 3 people

  • Marine57

    If you don't frequent bars,
    You won't get shot,
    You won't be asked to buy drugs,
    You won't get drunk,
    You won't miss a good movie on TV,
    You will save a lot of money,
    You will be able to drive home without getting a DUI,
    You will be proud of yourself in the long run…

  • Mr Biggz

    Let me guess.
    Somebody bought his girl a drink.
    Somebody hit on his girl.
    Somebody was with his ex-girl
    Somebody spilled a little bit of drink on his Jordans
    Somebody bumped into him.

    If there are/were the cause for somebody like him to draw and shoot well he really doesn't need to be in A) bar(s) and B) have any sort of firearm sober or inebriated.

    And Marine57 is right and might I add:
    You won't have to wait in line for a stall or urinal
    You won't have to complain about what the DJ is playing
    And if you stay home with your lady you can party nekkid! Whooo Whooo!

    I'll take staying home, thank you very much! =)

  • gail

    that bar is the worst in town. alot of shootings happen there and there is only one other bar in that area which is down the street. not very much traffic in that area

  • Kiwi

    Clearly it says that they were life-lined to Fort Wayne Hospital do you honestly think that this was anywhere near 38th St Gat273? SMH

  • Amy

    So what if they can or cannot pay! They are still humans and they desrve the same care as you and I. Ya, they were in the wrong part of town and the wrong bar but hey, its Marion Indiana and not many places to go! Next time you take a drive thru Marion and you see a sign that says "Make it Marion", think twice before stopping, moving here or visiting! I have moved and never will return to a dying town where crime is only increasing! I hope all wounded pull thru and they catch the shooter!

    • Gat273

      "So what if they can or cannot pay!"

      Then YOU pay for it. Rather than running out getting the largest TV you can find or treating your kids to Chuckee Cheese and The Children's museum with your "tax check", allow the government to keep that money to cover thugs.

      Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is!

      • jjj

        Let them die in the street then. While we are at it, wait for the relatives to clean up the mess since they can't afford the coroner, or a funeral. You can sure bet though, with your little 500 a month contribution to an insurance company they would save your ass using whatever means possible even if you were maimed on the summit of Mount Everest, which isn't really a terrible idea.

        So just leave the carcass there then , I guess it's the bar owner's responsibility to dispose of the bodies that bled out all over the place.

        So Mr. Gat wants no public services, have fun walking around in the stench of dead bodies. While your house is burning, the fire department will be writing up an estimate, you pay then they start putting out the fire. Hope your credit card isn't declined. House gets robbed? Gotta pay the cops to show up, there's no money in investigating a burglary.

        You shot the burglar? Well you better bury them or put them in the trash before they stink and spread disease, that is if you paid the trash bill, the city doesn't do that anymore either. Are you good at digging large holes, because the city dump is out of business.

        Oh, what's that you said? You want to pick and choose public services and decide who gets what? Oh, I see how you are.

      • Loft

        hard to call people thugs when your username is GAT and your avatar is holding a pistol..contradict yourself pretty bad there idiot

      • Gat273

        "hard to call people thugs when your username is GAT and your avatar is holding a pistol..contradict yourself pretty bad there idiot"

        Therein lies the irony.

      • Amy

        I pay for it everyday! I work for a living and yes, it does suck that we as tax payers have to pay for thug pieces of sh**! And believe me, I dont spend my money at Chuckee Cheese or go out and buy a big screen TV! I budget my finances well and dont have to wait until tax time to buy these items! You should leave "The Childrens Museum" out of this…As it is for people that want their children to be educated and not hang out in scum bars!

      • angel

        First of all at least two of those people shot work, have their own insurance and take care of their family!!! Grow up and quit putting everyone in the same category!!! Did you know one of the victims jumped in front of the bullet and saved someone else!!!! So shut your mouth about stuff that you have no clue about!

      • mcd

        I guess if you know so much about it and it sounds like you were there then why didn't you save anyone. If you want to get shot in Marion, IN you know what bar to go to. People that go to that bar have no shame in their game, and you better be the right color walking up in there!

    • Gat273

      "They are still humans and they desrve the same care"

      Hey Amy, JJJ and little Stevie… While perusing the comments, I noticed a "word on the streets" post from a Brittney. WOS reporter Brittney indicates that it's POSSIBLE this cappin' was self defense.

      She alleges the "victims" were shot while trying to rob this guy. If true, do you still believe much needed medical funds should be wasted on folks shot while being bad or do you still think they deserve the same treatment as you and I?


    to the ignorant comments…I am a very well educated young black woman who comes from an interracial family mother is white father is black both upper class rank who faithfully pays taxes and helping less fortunate……but it really kills me to see you miserable mistakes as thinking of being the right doer of the world…I’m sure you have contributed to the thugs way of living in some way one example buying and using there products…being a bill collector does not make you successful…its great you have a job but don’t down those who are not as fortunate to have one…yes there are some who abuse the help…but those who actually are not able does not deserve to be treated anything less of human…as I stated before I am very well educated will be beginning med school in the fall no not med tech Harrison or anything you may think that does not suit the upper class I am a graduate of IUPUI…that racists mess is for the birds…and 15000 dollars for a helicopter ride no sir I think not…it is no where near that much…how do I know well being a passenger once before due to a head on approx. bill was around 950 dollars still a lot but if your lunch money cant help out those in need get a better career or job if you will…and quit with the hatred!! ignorant!!! and hey enjoy that grave In the hills of hell!!

    • Tyrone shoe laces

      Wow, please read want you wrote. If that is the example of the well educated in Indy, society is in bigger trouble than I thought. Med school……really??

      • Ty shoe laces

        Auto fill on the want vs what. Haha, I sound as horrible as she does. Although I don't think auto fill caused that mess.

    • Esco

      The good news is that stupid comments are protected by the Constitution. They're not always welcomed but thankfully we have the freedom to express them. I plead guilty when it comes to stupid comments from time to time. I don't do the racist stuff though, I have my limits.

    • Guest

      Highly educated?! Of course u r Deary! Pls spare me with your higher education bravado………each and every time one of u runs off at the mouth it's always about how highly educated u r! U can hardly turn your thoughts into sentences……. Why did it take u six years to attain your undergrad? Y do u express yourself like u r still in a remedial writing class?!

    • anon

      skyler, if you really are "very well-educated" you should know to proofread so you don't make grammar errors like this: "but those who actually are not able does not deserve to be treated anything less of human.." Does should be do. Yes, I know, I'm nitpicking. I don't care.So far, I only have a Bachelors' Degree, but I can write using appropriate grammar.

  • lee


  • forte

    This is sick how people on here talking what color got to do with it,he fucked up and now he going to or white or mixed come on all colors get drunk take pills,meth,crack calm down on that bull shit fronting likeb no one in your family dont do it.dont no the cat and he fucked up and wrong ,but kill that dumb talking shit and act grown instead of kids with your want be heard talking fronting on the net shit.keep it real and 200 not 100.Trust and no he will pay and may god be with both sides,but this stuff piss me off when people call names and make fun of people.WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE TORE UP OR CRYING LOL Good day all ,cause i can go on for days and months.

  • Lee

    this 'sole aint did nothing wrong. obama need to bail him out. hour bbrotha dont need to be in no lock up for nothing he did

  • Brittney

    For all of you IGNORANT JUDGEMENTAL people who arent even in Marion let alone know Lil Jerry.. ya all need to get the facts straight before you judge no matter what color he is. The 3 "victims" were trying to jump and rob him.. he had no chance of fairness… but you people want to call him a thug and an idiot and talk about how someone spilt some liquor on his jordans.. STFU and get your facts straight! Anybody that knows Jerry knows he is the nicest guy around and knew there had to be more to the story. Ya all should be ashamed for being such Ugly People.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I'm sure that's why Lil Jerry the victim didn't stick around to wait for the police and seek justice for these three would be robbers laying on the floor with gunshot wounds.

    • anon

      Well, to know so much, I guess you had to have been there. If he's as great a person as you say, he needs to turn himself in instead of hiding out like a criminal.

    • Gat273


      How did I know a Brittney would turn up on this thread. Let me guess, you're an overweight white girl who likes black thugs?

      Is Jerry one of your baby daddy's?

  • guest

    I think the real issue isn't being confronted, drugs, underage drinking, alcohol and carrying guns without permits… mix the three and no matter who, where you have a major terrible situation in the mix. Everyone, patrons, establishment owners, citizens, clergy should speak up and step up our actions to stop these deadly situations or potential for such. We can beat everyone up and speak tons of negative but these things continue to need to be addressed from everyone, and not just in the Marion Indiana area. It is completely out of control. Just….saying…..

    • Loft

      That's whats going to happen, but not just at this bar its going to be everywhere. Wanna go to the library? gotta go through a metal detector. Wanna go to the movies? gotta go through a metal detector.

      What they need to do is anytime someone gets caught with a gun without a permit they should throw them in jail for the rest of their life without the possibility of parole. Instead they just give people a slap on the wrist and wag their fingers in their face like a dog "now dont do this again". Its getting ridiculous, every day before i clock in at work i check the news on my phone and its not a question of 'if" someone got shot last night its a question of "how many" people got shot last night

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