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Future of Lafayette Square Mall area has international flavor

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INDIANAPOLIS – It is the latest attempt to revitalize the Lafayette Square Mall area.

City officials unveiled drawings and other plans designed to enhance the international marketplace look and feel around the mall.

Over the past decade, the area has earned a violent reputation. City leaders hope investing in the community’s future will change that perception.

“Crime is crime and we do not want it anywhere, but the truth is that people are coming back to the area,” said Lafayette Square Coalition President Mary Clark.

The neighborhood is embracing its diversity. The people who put the project together are dubbing stretches of Lafayette Road “IM” for “International Marketplace.”

Driving home the international theme will be globed gateways, which will be a takeoff on soccer’s World Cup trophy. The plan also calls for more sidewalks, better bus benches and improved lighting.

“People are going to go ‘wow.’ People are already going ‘wow,’” said Clark.

An area left behind will be Lafayette Square Mall. Organizers say the future of the neighborhood is dining, not shopping. That worries mall shop owner Kevin Brown.

“They are talking about people who used to come here from out of town, “Brown said. “I am talking about people who live right here, right around the corner from the mall.”

Others, like shop owner Jeff Nguyen, see nothing but opportunity.

“We are very excited because that means a lot for our business,” said Nguyen.

For now, Kevin Brown said he’s cautiously optimistic.

“Anything you see that is going in–instead of coming out–is a step in the right direction,” he said.

The project will move quickly. The bidding process starts in May or June, and work is set to wrap up by September.


  • Tyrone shoe laces

    Swing and a miss. Dried up retread ideas wrapped in another social experiment. Not buying the marketing fluff.
    Bull dozer and grass seed sounds more palatable.

    • Really

      Hahaha you are actually going to sensor g. R a. S s ??????
      Hope you didn't actually pay for this program.

  • CherrieKoke

    Good luck with that. Just going to give the thugs more target practice. Still going to have the same people in the neighborhoods. When are you going to clean THAT up? I go out 1 or 2 times a week just to clean up trash that the uncouth residents who have no respect for other people and their properties leave behind. What we got here is white trash, black trash and hispanic trash. New buildings etc will not change that part of the equation.

  • LaShonda

    Here is what you do. Take all of the gangsters in jail, give them guns,lock them in in that nasty ass mall and let them have at it. The animals have taken our our city.Let the animals just kill each other off, our city will be in a much better place if the animals are eliminated…or better yet,just burn the entire mile area down, it serves no purpose other than a gathering zone for gangsters.

  • Guest

    Great! We go and have a wonderful dinner and come out to get mugged in the parking lot or find our car on blocks.. Fix the crime and the area will heal itself.

  • mike

    Simon Property Group is responsible for this mess. Make them clean up their own crap! The city has Noooo business getting involved, especially with our Damn Tax Money! Clean out the Run Down apartment complexes surrounding that Hell Hole.

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