Homeowner shot in leg during attempted home invasion

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating after a homeowner was shot in the leg during an attempted home invasion early Monday morning.

Officers were called to a home in the 7600 block of Blue Creek South Drive at approximately 4:30 a.m. on the report of the break-in.

The homeowner reported to police that two busted through his door, claiming to have a warrant.  The man then stated he sprayed the suspects with pepper spray, before they shot him in the leg and fled the scene.

Officers were unable to locate the suspects.  One neighbor reported seeing the two men take off in a white car just after the shots were fired.

Police said they do not believe the shooting was random.  However, the homeowner did report that he did not recognize the two suspects. Investigators served a search warrant at the home and removed a few small bags.

The homeowner was transported to an area hospital in good condition and is expected to make a full recovery.


  • anon

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, & that they catch the suspects before they have the chance to do worse to someone else! Keep your guns close & your phone close as well; if the suspects are on foot, they may still be in the area.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    At first I was a bit skeptical of this until I looked it up. There's a lot of transplanted trash and riff raff in that area due to the apartments on Shadeland and the housing market tank that brought in a lot of renters and people who bought homes on the cheap.

    • Notabadrenter

      i agree partially…yes, the apartments have picked up some trouble.. but NOT ALL of that area around 75th and Hague is bad… and I AM a renter in that area and that doesn't make me a trash or riff raff simply because I cannot buy a home. the addition I rent in as a matter of fact is a nice very well maintained neighborhood and the one that this shooting happened in isn't so bad either… trash and riff raff are everywhere nowadays… but don't slam people who have to rent..(it can happen in an upscale neighborhood too, and has)…and don't forget, there are very nice large expensive homes within a mile from where that happened, are you calling them trash and riff raff?

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >trash and riff raff are everywhere nowadays

        Yes but there are large concentrated populations of them throughout the city and they do cause more than their share of problems.

        >are you calling them trash and riff raff?

        If the po-po are constantly running out there then yes.

  • StarlettMiller

    These are the kind of people that drive around until they see a potential victim then rob and kill him….
    These are the kind of people that will shoot a baby in the face while mother pleads for it's life.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Really? You know this how?

      What if it was a drug deal gone bad? Or a gay lover's quarrel?

      haha…better to call the po-po and say someone kicked the door in versus tell authorities what really happened.

    • Amy

      No. I am a neighbor. This kid has been in trouble over and over. And his parents pay for everything. And by the way I rent and am not riff raff…..If you don't live in the neighborhood you really have no room to comment about it.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >f you don't live in the neighborhood you really have no room to comment about it.

        WTF kind of mentality is that?

        I don't live in 42nd/Post but I can surely say it's a hive of scum and villainy where one must always be cautious even if just driving by it.

    • Chris

      What kind of people are those StarlettMiller? The same kind of people that will 100 people in the Oklahoma City Bombing?

  • Reggie

    Hey 59…..Thanks for the description of the gangsters….It's had to understand how Fox59 has become the most politicly correct liberal station in the market.Laugh all you want, but with really crappy reporting like hits,their numbers will be tanking soon.Its pretty obvious that 59s loss of their news director is causeing problems

  • southsideguy

    has noone else picked up on the fact that after the incedent occured , the police then got a search warrant for the guys house ? that would have only been obtained if there was something criminal to get on the guy that lived there …. more to this story …. this guy isnt that innocent.

  • Thomas Stevens

    This "homeowner" is a disgrace to society. He is violent, psychotic, and a drug dealer. It is just unfortunate the suspects that broke in only shot him in the leg and not somewhere else fatal.

  • Brian

    This kid is a pos! He is a dealer and I’m sure it was a deal gone bad or it was someone who he had ripped off.

  • stooopid

    If he had firearms he should have blasted the dudes instead of getting shot himself. He must have had something in there if he was a "victim" and the police get a search warrant for his house while he's gone to the hospital. Says he doesn't know the guys but I bet he really does. Why does the story cut out where the description of the guys obviously was when first written? Fox afraid to put the description in the articles now, afraid people will react? We already know other news agencies have the descriptions. Really growing tired of fox disabling comments on almost every story they post.

  • K-anne

    Wow people just post anything on here just hoping someone will get all upset & argue with them. I hope no one even replies to the stupid comments that are being posted by a certain idiotic looser who obviously did not get enough attention from his mother growing up.

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