Painters severely burned in small explosion on west side

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INDIANAPOLIS – Two painting contractors were badly burned when appliance fumes set off a small explosion on the west side.

The contractors were using a spray gun filled with a powerful paint on kitchen cabinets in a townhome at the West Park Apartments.

It appears the painters may have left the gas on in the home, igniting an explosion as fumes built up while they worked.

Maintenance employee Dennis Fordyce works with the men. Fordyce said they are both experienced and should have know to turn off the gas first.

“They do all of our apartments here and all over town, so they’re experienced,” Fordyce said.

Both men were alert but badly burned at the scene.

“Their skin was pretty burnt and … their hair was all singed off,” Fordyce said.

The force of the explosion blew the doors off the hinges of the apartment. Renters were not home at the time, having left because of one renter with health issues.

Firefighters said it was amazing no one was killed in the explosion.

“Very lucky today that they were alive to walk out of this apartment building,” said Mike Pruitt with Wayne Township Fire Department.

Both men were taken to Wishard Hospital’s burn unit in serious condition.

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  • Loft

    As someone that does alot of painting for a living its sad to see something like this happen. This is why i dont spray and i ONLY use a water based paint. This sounds like they where spraying something other than a regular paint tho, sounds more like a lacquer or some kind of high end finish spraying.

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