Marathoner has emotional homecoming at Indy’s airport

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INDIANAPOLIS – Debbie Luce knew this airport homecoming was going to be special as she prepared to celebrate her son’s sub-three-hour time in the Boston Marathon. But on this day she’s also thankful her son is alive after terrifying bomb blasts at the finish line.

“It’s going to be great,” Luce said as she waited for her son. “Good to see him.”

Debbie first heard about the bombs after getting a text from her son.

“You watching the news,” Luce said as she read the text from her son on her iPhone. “Apparently there was an explosion on the course after I finished.”

Her response was “oh, no” and she started watching the news reports from Boston.

“I was shocked ‘cause nothing like that went through my head at all,” Luce said. “So it was a surprise.”

As her son’s plane pulled into Indianapolis International Airport, the hug couldn’t come soon enough.

Matt Luce proudly showed off his Boston Marathon jacket and medal. His smile showed his relief, but his heart goes out to the victims and their families. He knows his quick time saved his life.

“I finished at one o’clock and we left right away and the bombs went off at 2:50, and so we were in our hotel room,” he said. “It’s pretty crazy. Just glad I wasn’t there. Feel bad for anyone who was.”

Now as Matt Luce celebrates something he worked so hard for with his family, he says he struggles with how anyone could do something like this to innocent people.

“Just makes you wonder what, what’s wrong with those people?” he asked.