Plans to grow Brownsburg face heat from many homeowners

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BROWNSBURG – One of the region’s fastest-growing communities plans to grow even more, but it’s facing some growing pains along the way.

The town of Brownsburg plans to annex 4,500 acres that would add more than 3,000 residents to the town. However, the plan does not include several neighborhoods in the middle of town that remain unincorporated.

“(We’re) wanting to know why and the purpose for excluding us,” said homeowner Mandy Harris.

Harris is among hundreds of homeowners who live in older neighborhoods without access to town water and sewer. Many face failing septic systems and even worry their homes could be condemned, but cannot come to an agreement with the town on who should pay to run the lines.

“We would run the services and then charge them those costs, but we can’t get an agreement,” said Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz.

The argument got heated at a public meeting Tuesday. Many residents said their questions were not answered and worry moving might be their only option.

“If this goes through, (the) for sale sign’s going up in my yard immediately,” Harris said.

Kleinhenz said the hope is to come to an agreement for a future annexation of those neighborhoods, but that they will not be included in this plan.

“We are more than willing to sit down and talk with them,” Kleinhenz said.

A public meeting on the proposed annexation is scheduled for May 16 at 6 p.m. at Brownsburg Town Hall.