Severe weather outbreak Thursday, stormy pattern continues

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A warm front lifted through Central Indiana Wednesday afternoon and along with the much milder air came a few hail producing thunderstorms.  One storm that started in downstate Indiana near Bedford would go on to track more than 100 miles northeast before diminishing in Delaware County.  The storm at its height produced 1.5″ to 2″ hail over Brown and Johnson Counties.  Many residents of Franklin in Johnson County reported damage from the hail.  Additional storms developed over western Indiana closer to 7 p.m. and produced 1″ to 1.50″ hail in Montgomery and Boone Counties.

Tower Cam

Hail making Severe storm south of city with rainbow

4_16 hail


New storms are possible again during the overnight hours.  These storm are not expected to be severe and are not  likely to produce the type of vivid and dangerous lightning strikes that brought several fires early Wednesday morning.  Locally, heavy downpours are possible early Thursday morning.


A powerful Spring storm system emerging from the Rockies late Wednesday night will strengthen and bring a widespread outbreak of severe weather to much of the Midwest.  Indiana is included in this potentially dangerous severe weather set up.  A robust 100 mph jet stream wind will feed the storm and propel a line of very dangerous thunderstorms across the state by late Thursday evening.  Warm, moist and unstable air surging north will fuel explosive thunderstorm development.  The Storm Prediction Center has out looked all of Indiana for a slight risk of severe storms and most of western Indiana for a moderate risk of severe storms.  The assessment from  severe weather forecasters for the national weather service is that there is strong likelihood of dangerous thunderstorms.  Watches are an almost certainty Thursday and the confidence is high that there will be wide-spread damaging thunderstorms.

From the SREF computer model out of the Storm Prediction Center and it is not good.  “Tornado Ingredients” look very favorable over a large portion of western and northwest Indiana by late afternoon.


There is still some details to iron out with placement and timing of severe storms.  We feel very strongly that a large and expansive line of storms toward sunset will surge east from Illinois and sweep the state through midnight.  This line of storms will be chock-full of damaging wind producing thunderstorms and possibly a few tornado producers as well.  There are hints that an exhausted line of storms racing eastern Illinois or western Indiana early in the morning will redevelop or produce a weak boundary for early afternoon storms to form along.  We will monitor this carefully. 


The time is now to review your severe weather battle plans, you will need them Thursday.