Utility companies warn of dangers, fines if you don’t “Call Before You Dig”

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Spring weather may motivate many homeowners to tackle improvement projects in the yard, but you should keep in mind that April is “Call Before You Dig” month.

Utility companies around the state are teaming up to remind people to dial three digits before digging.

Indiana 811 is a free service for contractors and homeowners. The law requires the person doing the digging to call 48 hours before beginning a project so the utility company can come out and mark power, utility, cable and phone lines.

“This is the time when people have been to the Spring Show Home Show, they’re antsy, ready to do projects or landscaping, and that’s why it’s so critically important to call 811 before they do any digging so the utilities can come out and mark their services so we don’t have an accident,” said Brad Ellsworth, president of Vectren Delivery North.

Bullseye Fence Design employees call 811 before beginning any contracted project to protect their crew and the neighborhood.

“The last thing we want is for them to get hurt,” said Ryan Householder, sales manager with Bullseye Fence Design. “We need to know where gas phone water lines are to prevent injury to employees or possible outages to customers.”

If a contractor or homeowner fails to call 811 and hits a line, they could face fines up to $10,000.

Resource: Frequently asked questions about Indiana 811