Weak trees pose trouble as storms hit

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As Central Indiana braces for the next round of severe weather, tree trimming crews are asking homeowners to check their trees for any signs of weakness.

Central Indiana is under a moderate risk for severe weather Thursday, which means the potential for dangerous storms and damaging winds exists.

Arborist Jared Wainwright with All Points Tree Service said homeowners should be looking for rotting or hollowing. The issue this season, he explained, is that many trees are weak and in survival mode from last summer’s drought and the longer winter.

On top of that, the ground is soft and wet right now because of the recent downpour which makes for less stability.

“The wetter the ground gets, it allows these trees to be more susceptible to actually blowing over from the actual base of the tree,” said Wainwright.

He also added that flowering trees are almost always the first to snap so homeowners should move any property away from them beforehand.

“We can’t always predict, but the best thing we can do is try to prevent as much as we can,” said Wainwright.