‘Decent’ summer job outlook expected in Indianapolis area

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INDIANAPOLIS – Summer weather often brings seasonal job opportunities.

“Summer camps are going to be a booming area for employment, there are a lot of postings out there for summer camps, summer jobs,” said Carol Rogers, deputy director of the Indiana Business Research Center.

Rogers said in the past two years the Indianapolis area has started a slow, steady economic recovery. However, seasonally adjusted unemployment rates are sticking near 8.6 percent. Rogers explained that number can be misleading because the labor force is growing faster than jobs are being created, making it a “buyer’s market” for employers.

“They have a lot more to choose from, so the ball is really in their court and people are going to have to work harder to find a job,” Rogers said.

Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream in Carmel has seen that trend.

“We’ve had probably 175 applications since the beginning of the year. They’re constantly coming in and we’re constantly evaluating where everybody is,” said Amanda Cravens with Bub’s Burgers.

Cravens said they are looking to increase their staff this summer, but like to hire permanent employees who can come back year after year. The company often offers young people their first job.

“We want them to understand that they’re not just scooping ice cream–they’re sales people. We want to teach them life goals and skills so that they are learning skills they can utilize throughout the rest of their lives,” Cravens said.

Rogers said the demographic of the summer workforce is changing as adults are also seeking positions that are typically filled by high school and college students.

“I suspect that we’re also going to see more older people taking on employment in food services, accommodation, retail,” Rogers said.

Other sectors currently hiring include landscaping and construction companies. Building permits are up in Indianapolis, which typically points to more work for contractors.

“The Indianapolis area overall has fared pretty well compared to the rest of the metros around the state and compared to other cities in the country. Our growth may be slow, but it’s steady,” Rogers said.

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