Grigson “draft is the life blood of an organization”

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Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson knocked it out of the park in his first season with the team drafting franchise quarterback Andrew Luck and bringing others on board such as running back Vick Ballard and TY Hilton. All made a contribution almost immediately. The decisions are not clear-cut in year two, after having the #1 overall pick in 2012 the team is selecting 24th overall in next week’s NFL draft.
“We still have the same philosophy but is a little bit different then last year where we had gaping holes in a lot of spots that needed to be addressed with the new defense and so forth. We feel like we are in a better position.”
Grigson’s draft philosophy is not always about need, sometimes you have to go after the best player available.
“If there is a stud that is just staring at you and staring holes through you from your board and he is at a spot where you felt strongly going forward into the draft process and that guy can make you better then you have to at least have that discussion.  And we are willing to have those discussions because at the end of the day we want the best football players that are going to get us where we want to go and that’s to win Super Bowl’s.”
A lot of work has already been done, evaluations have led to the draft board getting dwindled down to about 300 players. Grigson made it clear though there is one position that doesn’t need to be addressed in the draft. The Colts are set at quarterback with Andrew Luck and back-ups Matt Hasselbeck and Chandler Harnish.
As for what is available the draft doesn’t have a star-studded feel like it has for the past few years. But, that doesn’t mean Grigson isn’t intrigued by what’s out there.
“The game is won and lost in the trenches and this is a really good trench draft. I think there is a lot of good players on both sides of the ball in terms of lineman.”
But, he also doesn’t want to force it. Grigson would be open to a trade in the first round if the front office isn’t excited about the names still left on their draft board when they pick 24th overall.
 “We are probably going to look to trading out if there is a player there (pick 24) that we feel is just okay. We want players at that spot especially in the first round that are going to help us get to our goal.”

A few mock drafts have the Colts selecting UCLA defensive end Datone Jones in the first round.  We will find out for sure if the experts are right when the NFL draft kicks off next Thursday in New York City.

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