Tips for cleaning up a drenched basement

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As rain and severe weather sets its sights on Central Indiana, some homeowners could face the prospect of a flooded basement.

Here are some tips on what to do next:

— Safety first: Stay out of any area of the house that’s flooded significantly, because you could get electrocuted from wet wiring. Call the utility companies to have your power and gas turned off.

— Before attempting any cleanup, cover your skin and wear eye protection.

— For extensive flooding, call in a professional, but read your homeowner’s insurance policy first to determine if cleanup is covered.

— As soon as possible, move furniture, rugs, clothing and other items out of the flooded area. Put them outside to dry, if possible, but don’t leave furniture in the sun. It can warp as it dries.

For the complete list of tips, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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