Excise Police arrest 235 at Little 500

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Indiana State Excise Police officers made a record 235 arrests on 285 charges during the Little 500 events in Bloomington Saturday.

That’s 29 more than last year. Officers also issued 25 warning tickets this year.

Most of the arrests were for alcohol consumption or drug possession. Other offenses include resisting law enforcement, indecent exposure and public intoxication.

Police say while the number of arrests was at an all time high, the number of dangerously high blood concentration levels actually went down this year. One person was taken to a hospital with a  .29% BAC. The suspect was taken in after he mistook a police car for a cab and tried to hitch a ride.

“Excise officers again focused their attention on Bloomington this weekend, when alcohol violations are historically high as a result of Indiana University’s Little 500,” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter said. “Their primary aim this weekend was to keep students, residents and visitors to Bloomington safe by enforcing Indiana law.”

Those cited by excise officers this weekend appeared in Monroe Circuit Court Sunday morning at 8:30. Most of them are spending today in alcohol awareness class and doing community service.