Flooding turns spotlight on insurance

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Families continue cleaning their homes after major flooding across the area.

State officials encourage people, who have damage due to severe weather and/or flooding, to report it. People can go online and report their damage. They can go to: https://myoracle.in.gov/hs/damage/ia-public.do?method=active&incidentId=IA20130419121922.

It is unclear whether state officials will ask for federal assistance. State officials want to collect as much information from residents as possible. They want people to report damage sooner rather than later.

Steve Powell lives in Tipton. His master bedroom was flooded on Friday. He cleaned his home over the weekend -like many of his neighbors. On Monday, people continued cleaning their homes and placing piles of furniture outside. Powell has flood insurance.

 “I got (the) carpet. (The) bed (was) saved (and) all the clothing. I don’t know if we’re going to have to rip out the bathroom,” Powell said.

 Powell has spoken with his adjuster. He has had a number of dryers in his master bedroom since Saturday.

 Deana Montgomery was rescued from her home on Friday. She lives close to Powell.  She was one of about 33 people who were rescued from her home.

 Montgomery has flood insurance as well.

 “It took me a good 24 hours to get my head wrapped around what we needed to do to get started,” Montgomery said.

 “We’ve had a couple floods before, but nothing this drastic,” she said.

 The Indiana Department of Insurance said people should go online to www.floodsmart.gov for more information about flood insurance.

 Laura Wegmann is the communications director for the department. She said people should be prepared before and after it floods. Whether people live within a flood plain or not, she said, the website will inform people about getting coverage based on their address.

Wegmann said if people purchase a policy today, it would take 30 days before the person has coverage.

“It’s best to document very carefully all your damages (and to) make sure to take photos. (You should) write down the object serial number and make and model and that sort of thing,” Wegmann said.

Powell said that is what his adjuster told him to do.

“He sent (us) the paperwork to fill out and the task falls upon us to document everything and send (it to) him so he can file the report,” Powell said.

Wegmann said people need to know that homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood loss.

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