April 2013 rainfall for the record books, chill returns but 70’s in the forecast

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Heavy rainfall totals have been reported again in Central and West-Central Indiana.  The NWS reported a storm total of 1.68″ of rainfall Wednesday, elevating this April to the third wettest on record and wettest in 91 years.


  • 1893 with 8.60″
  • 1922 with 8.55″
  • 2013 with 8.23″

Storm total rainfall was once again impressive west of the city into Western Indiana.  Reelsville in Putnam County reported more than 2″ of rainfall.


Rainfall Reports


A heavy overcast showed signs of breaking late afternoon as drier, colder air flowed into the state.  Afternoon temperatures held in the middle to upper 40’s – February levels and as much as 20° colder than Tuesday.  At times the wind chill dipped to the middle 30’s, producing a “feels-like” of 30° colder.

The chilly air settles in overnight with temperatures dipping into the middle 30’s.  Patchy frost is possible overnight. Clear skies and colder temperatures in Eastern Indiana could also bring more wide-spread frost.  A frost advisory is in effect for parts of Eastern Indiana.


Thursday Morning


Cool air eases as we enter the weekend.  Afternoon high temperatures are likely to reach the 60’s again by Friday afternoon and continue through Sunday.  Added clouds and a small chance of light rain is in the cards for Sunday, but not a major rain maker at all.  The warming continues into early next week with a possible stretch of 70° days from Monday through Wednesday.


A break out of high temperature forecasts over the next two and a half weeks suggests we will not shake this cool Spring.  Since March 1, 71 perecent of the days have been below normal.  The past five days have averaged 8° below normal.  With a few warmer than normal days sprinkled in, look at the temperature departure from normal through the first week of May.  Two culprits could be in play bringing the cool air to open May, a closed upper-low over Illinois and Indiana (best chance of measurable rain) and the return of the Greenland Block over the North Atlantic.  The last block ended around April 6 after nearly seven weeks. When it broke we received nine days of 70’s and 80’s  over the past two and a half weeks, however the extended forecast trends colder.  Here is a break down from the U.S. GFS model through May 9:

  • DAYS 1-5: -10°
  • DAYS 6-10: -6°
  • DAYS 11-16: -11°
Meteogram Dep from Norm

2.5 Week Temp
Break Out