Indiana’s former speaker of the House arrested for DWI

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The former speaker of the Indiana House has been arrested after testing twice the legal limit, police announced Wednesday.

Michael Phillips, 69, faces charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Officers were called to Circle Centre Mall shortly before midnight Tuesday. When they arrived, they saw an SUV with fresh yellow paint on the driver’s side and fresh white paint on the passenger’s side.

A witness said Phillips had crashed into a metal pole, drove against the wrong side of a pay booth and then drove his car on top of a raise concrete platform before crashing into the pay booth.

When confronted, police said, Phillips denied his vehicle had any damage. When the officer showed the damage to Phillips, he just shook his head.

Phillips then told police he had had a few drinks at an off track betting location but that he was not drunk.

Police said he failed multiple field sobriety tests and refused to consent to a blood test.

“Mr. Phillips stated I was making a mistake because he was not drunk,” the arresting officer’s report said.

Phillips’ blood tested at .16, twice the legal limit. When confronted, he reportedly said, “I did not think I was that high.”

He was arrested with more than $1,800 cash on hand.