IU sorority issues apology after homeless-themed party, says choice was a ‘poor one’

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An Indiana University sorority issued an apology Wednesday after photos surfaced of the women hosting a “homeless” themed party.

“On behalf of the Sigma Upsilon chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority at IU, I want to express my sincere apology to the campus community and public for the actions of our chapter at a social event this week that made light of those who are homeless,” wrote the sorority’s chapter president Aubrey McMahon. “Our choice was a poor one. We know that it was not acceptable and does not align with our values.”

The sorority’s national organization launched an investigation after pictures showed the women dressed in clothes with holes in them, while wearing homemade cardboard signs around their necks.  Many of the women also had dirt smudged on their faces.

“We are addressing the situation with our members and working with our national organization, local advisors and representatives from campus organizations to carry out an action plan that includes sensitivity training and community service among other consequences,” wrote McMahon in the statement. “We are taking this situation very seriously and are truly sorry for our offensive behavior and the impact we’ve had on the homeless population, those who serve the homeless and others in our community.”

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