New defense team says man convicted in Behrman case didn’t get fair trial

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MORGAN COUNTY – As the second day of testimony begins in Morgan County, new lawyers for the man convicted of killing Indiana University student Jill Behrman say their client didn’t get a fair trial.

John Myers II is serving 65 years in prison for Behrman’s murder after she disappeared during a bike ride in Bloomington in May 2000. Her remains were found in a rural area near Paragon three years later—not far from where Myers lived.

Myers was convicted in 2006. His attorney, Pat Baker, was later disciplined by the Indiana Supreme Court for misconduct during the case. Myers has petitioned for post-conviction relief, claiming that Baker botched his defense.

Myers’ new lawyers said their client didn’t get a fair trial. In a statement released to Fox 59, the office of the Public Defender of Indiana wrote that Myers’ “attorneys were not prepared to defend Mr. Myers at his 2006 trial and made poor decisions because that.”

The statement continued, “At his post-conviction hearing this week, Mr. Myers will present the evidence his trial counsel should have presented to Myers’ jury. Had trial counsel provided Myers with the representation to which he was constitutionally entitled, there is a significant chance he would have been acquitted.”

Baker is expected to testify in the case Thursday.