New survey ranks Indianapolis in top half of worst traffic cities

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The annual traffic scorecard gives Indianapolis a middle of the road ranking when it comes to most congested cities.

The Circle City comes in 49th on the list of 100 worst traffic cities according to the INRIX, an international provider of traffic information and driver services.

The top city on the list is Los Angeles, followed by Honolulu and San Francisco. Indianapolis’ neighboring cities of Louisville and St. Louis came in at 50 and 51.

The study also found the intersection of 96th Street and Allisonville Road on the northeast side of Indianapolis to be one of the most congested areas, according to author Jim Bak.

Overall the scorecard found traffic is increasing across the U.S in 2013 compared to 2012.  While that may be a pain for drivers, researchers said it is considered a positive economic indicator because it means more people are commuting to work.

The following intersections were listed as the most dangerous intersections in the metro area, according to last year’s report from INDOT and Purdue researchers:

Intersection of Binford Blvd at E 46th St (~2.74 mi N Keystone Ave then 0.59 mi NE of I-70)

Intersection of Binford Blvd at E 75th St (~0.37 mi SW of I-465 (N leg))

Intersection of E 38th St at N Shadeland Ave (~0.72 mi W of I- 465 (W leg))

Intersection of W 56th St /Eagle Creek Trail at Georgetown Rd (~1.33 mi E of I-65)

Intersection of Allisonville Rd at Kessler Blvd E Dr (~3.43 mi SW of I-465 (N leg)

Intersection of Willowcreek Rd at Veterans Ave

Intersection of S Holt Rd at W Morris St

Intersection of E Washington St at N/S Rural St

Intersection of E Southport Rd at S Emerson Ave

Intersection of E Edgewood Ave at Madison Ave (~1.62 mi W of I- 65)

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