Silver Alert issued for 8-month-old girl missing from Indianapolis

David Bisard arrested after accident

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Indianapolis Metro Police Department officer David Bisard is in custody, pending a blood alcohol test which could result in arrest,  after an alleged DUI accident near Geist.

A police report states that Bisard blew a .17 at the scene when given a breathalyzer test, after he hit a guard rial and light pole.

Fox59 has learned Bisard was pulled over in the 10000 block of Indian Lake Boulevard South, on the far northeast side.

Officer Bisard is accused of hitting three motorcyclists, while drunk, with his police cruiser in 2010, killing Eric Wells and injuring Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly.

“Hopefully this will keep him in jail until trial,” said Eric Wells’ mother, Mary. “Because he does not belong on the streets. This time he was lucky nobody was harmed. What about next time?”

The trial for the 2010 accident is scheduled to take place in Allen County in October.

“He should have been behind bars anyway, hopefully now that they have him, they won’t release him,” Wells said. “I’m very thankful that no one else was hurt today, and no one had to go through what my family has gone through what Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly’s family have gone through so I’m very grateful for that”

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