David Bisard detained for suspected drunk driving after crash

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David Bisard is in trouble again. The suspended IMPD officer is accused of crashing his truck while driving drunk Saturday afternoon.

Bisard was arrested around 3 p.m. in the 10000 block of Indian Lake Boulevard South near his home in Lawrence.

“I’ve been drinking since noon and I’m not [going to] say I’ve had two like everyone else does,” Bisard told officers, according to the police report. “I know you know who I am. I messed up today. If you guys can cut me a break, I promise I will never drink again.”

After his arrest, Bisard made “several statements that he would never drink again and to just let him go, stating he has a wife and kids at home and his life is over if he goes to prison.”

Bisard was already facing several charges, including reckless homicide and OWI stemming from a deadly crash in August 2010. Motorcyclist Eric Wells was killed, and his friends, Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills were injured when Bisard slammed into them with his police cruiser at a stop light.

Neighbors are glad nobody was hurt in this incident.

“I heard a car flying down the road. I heard squealing tires,” said Dawn Carter-Manley, who lives near the crash scene. “I heard a huge crash. It sounded like multiple vehicles.”

Muddy tire marks, a knocked down speed limit sign and a struck power pole are all that is left at the scene. A neighbor told police it appeared Bisard had lost control of his vehicle and hit the guard rail.

Carter-Manley was painting her kitchen and had the doors open. She and her neighbor ran down the hill to check on the driver.

“I saw a black truck pulling forward and backing up, pulling forward and backing up,” said the neighbor. “I ask him then to get out of the truck. He got out of the truck and I don’t know if he was dazed or what. He stumbled a little bit.

She immediately told to Dawn to run home and call police.

“At that point, he very nonchalantly opened his passenger door and got out some chewing tobacco or whatever comes in a little can,” said Dawn.

Within minutes, Lawrence police got there. Police said Bisard blew a .17 on an alcohol breath test — two times the legal limit. He was taken to Wishard Hospital for a blood draw and later transported to the Marion County Arrestee Processing Center.

“He was very pleasant to us. He was nice but to me, he appeared to have been intoxicated,” said Carter-Manley.

According to the police report, Bisard’s balance was unsteady and his movement was slow. Officers described his face was red and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

“If the allegations are true against him, if what I believed to be the case of him being drunk today, then he’s got a serious problem,” said Carter-Manley. “He needs help.”

The court in the Arrestee Processing Center has filed a motion to have Bisard be held without bond in this new case. They have also filed a motion to revoke his bond on his existing case. A judge has yet to decide on both motions.

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