Metro officer shoots armed suspect

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An IMPD officer shot an armed man after his girlfriend called police, fearing for her life.

It happened on the 4800 block of East 19th Street Sunday afternoon.

A neighbor told Fox 59 she was outside with her kids when she heard two gunshots. “I just heard gunfire so that was it. I jumped up and got my kids to the house,” she said.

Officers arrived to find the suspect’s girlfriend outside. She told police he had a gun and was threatening to kill her.

Police accompanied the woman back inside the townhouse. The suspect then raised his gun and pointed it at her.

Fearing for their safety, the officer shot the man in the chest. A second officer on the opposite side of the residence ran back outside to protect the woman and take cover.

“There was some type of domestic going on when officers responded,” said Kendale Adams, an IMPD spokesperson. “The individual suspect then raised a gun at the officers. It’s important to note that the officers had received information that the suspect was armed before they even arrived.”

The suspect ran out of the townhome to a stranger’s house in the 1800 block of Riley Avenue. He was later caught by a K-9 officer and his partner.

“Another one off the streets,” said the neighbor. “I feel better they got him. I feel better knowing it was a police officer and not just a random inexperienced person shooting while my children are outside.”

The suspect’s girlfriend and the officers were not injured in this incident.

The suspect was taken to Wishard Hospital in serious condition.

Police said the man is a serious violent felon charged with possession of a firearm.

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