Warmer temperatures return for work week

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April has proven to be one impressive month for rainfall totals.  We didn’t see an overly impressive system last night and today but it was enough rainfall to push us into the #2 slot for wettest April’s on record. 


Here are the current standings:

1) 8.60″ 1893
2) 8.58″ 2013
3) 8.55″ 1922
4) 8.09″ 1964
5) 7.98″ 2011
After the cooler weekend, temperatures will climb quickly this week.  Partly cloudy skies combined with a south wind tomorrow will help push temperatures into the upper 60s if not the 70 degree mark.  This will get us much closer to “normal” for this time of year which is 68°F.

Meteogram Night

We remain in a warm wedge for Tuesday and Wednesday and this will push us into the upper 70s!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit the low 80s on Wednesday.  Late in the week, our attention will have to turn to a “cut off low” developing to our west.  This will start to bring in rainfall chances as early as Wednesday afternoon and linger through Saturday.  The problem with this type of system is that it drastically cools the atmosphere.  We’ll go from 82°F on Wednesday to only 69°F on Friday and 59°F on Saturday.  Basically, the longer this cold cored system is in the area, the more it cools us down.  This system could potentially bring in more than 1″ of rainfall to Central Indiana, just continuing our wet trend.  But this rain will not arrive in time to break the record listed above. 


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