Bisard heads to court Wednesday on latest DUI charge

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Suspended Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer David Bisard heads back to court Wednesday for his latest arrest for suspected driving while intoxicated.

He is currently being held in the Marion County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Bisard wrecked his pickup truck on Indian Lake Boulevard Saturday, when he crossed over that narrow street and smashed into a speed limit sign and then a guard rail.

Two neighbors heard the crash and ran to the scene. Both of them reported Bisard looked like he was intoxicated and so the police were called. Neighbors said Bisard told them his name and was pleasant, and he didn’t stop talking when Lawrence police arrived either. Bisard admitted to being on an all-day drinking binge telling officers, “I’ve been drinking since noon, and I’m not gonna say I’ve had two like everyone else does.”

The police report stated Bisard begged officers to let him go saying, “I know you know who I am, I messed up today. If you guys can cut me a break I promise I will never drink again.”

Bisard went on to tell officers that he has a wife and children, and his life will be over if he goes to prison.  He is reported to have had a blood alcohol content of .17 — more than twice the legal limit to drive in Indiana.

He was taken to Wishard Hospital for another  blood draw, then given over to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department at the APC. Now, Bisard sits in jail.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is hoping he’ll stay there. Prosecutors asked that no bond be set and want bond in Bisard’s previous case revoked.

Bisard was already facing several charges, including reckless homicide and OWI stemming from a deadly crash in August 2010. Motorcyclist Eric Wells was killed, and his friends, Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills were injured when Bisard slammed into them with his police cruiser at a stop light.

Wells’ wife, Luisa Montilla Wells, issued the following statement to Fox59:

“As additional information about the accident from Saturday continues to be released, I am in shock. I am extremely glad that another family was spared the devastation of losing a loved one or serious injury which could have easily resulted from this crash especially being on a Saturday and in a residential area. The fact that he pleaded with officers to cut him a break and told them that he had a wife and kids and his life would be over is unfortunate but like every other member in this society he needs to be held accountable for his actions. I didn’t have that opportunity to plead for Eric’s or my life not to be ended. If he really cared about his family and the damage that he was doing to them he would have stopped drinking after the crash on August 06. Now I am really curious on how many other times Bisard was able to talk his way out of traffic stops or minor traffic accidents that we don’t know about.  I am also interested in knowing the President of the FOP’s reaction to this considering their full and continued support of him.”