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Bisard: ‘My life is over’ following second drunk driving arrest

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When suspended IMPD officer David Bisard was arrested after a drunk driving accident Saturday, he was allegedly drunker than anyone imagined.

“Office Bisard did consent to a blood draw which was conducted at Wishard Hospital,” said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, “and the analysis showed his blood alcohol level at 0.22.”

That’s almost three times above the legal limit in Indiana and considerably higher than the 0.17 BAC that a portable breathalyzer tested Bisard on Saturday.

By contrast, when Bisard was involved in a fatal crash on duty in 2010, his BAC tested at 0.19.

Saturday afternoon, Bisard crashed a pickup truck into a speed limit sign, a light pole and a guardrail in the Geist area.

“The pickup truck was towed after the accident,” said Curry. “A search warrant was obtained and the truck was searched pursuant to the search warrant. A number of items were obtained from the truck including a bottle of cranberry juice and there was a bottle of vodka found under the passenger seat in the rear of the truck.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, while seated in a Lawrence patrol car and after being told that his statements were being recorded, Bisard is quoted as telling an officer, “I made my bed and I’ll lie in it,” and “I wish I could make this DUI go away,” and, “My life is over.”

Later, as his blood was being drawn at Wishard Memorial Hospital, Bisard is quoted as telling a nurse, “There will be alcohol in there.”

Witnesses after the crash told Lawrence police that Bisard acted impaired and immediately inserted chewing tobacco in his mouth—a method investigators say is sometimes used to cover up the scent of alcohol in a driver.

Bisard is being held in the Marion County Jail on $25,000 on two counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Captain Mike Hubbs of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department told Fox 59 News that if bond should be posted for Bisard, the jail will seek guidance from Judge Linda Brown in Marion Superior Court to determine if Bisard should be released.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a motion which will be heard Wednesday morning in Judge Brown’s courtroom to determine if Bisard can be held without bond in the Lawrence case.

Meanwhile, Judge John Surbeck of Allen Superior Court in Fort Wayne has suggested holding a 1:30 p.m. hearing Friday to consider the prosecutor’s motion to have Bisard’s $10,000 in the 2010 fatal crash case revoked.

“Given these new circumstances he poses a threat to the safety of the community and that bond should be revoked or additional conditions imposed,” said Curry.

Late this afternoon, Judge Surbeck responded to the prosecutor’s motion for bond revocation by writing, “I believe that motion should be heard by the end of the week. Please let me know your preference not later than tomorrow morning.”

Curry’s staff argued for the bond revocation claiming that the judge can find Bisard a danger to public safety and that this most recent arrest indicates a disdain for the authority of the court.

Curry’s office has also petitioned the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend Bisard’s driver’s license for 90 days.

Bisard remains under a suicide watch after conferences with a jail psychologist at the Marion County Jail.

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #86 issued the following statement after hearing about Bisard’s arrest:

“The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #86 was disappointed to learn of the recent arrest and allegations concerning David Bisard. The Indianapolis FOP holds a strong belief in due process for anyone accused of a crime, whether a citizen, an elected official, or a police officer, including David Bisard. A fair and impartial review of alleged criminal activity is critical to our system of justice.

“The two alleged crimes against David Bisard filed by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office are separate and distinct. With that said, David Bisard will not receive legal assistance from the Indianapolis FOP for the latest incident. Based upon the facts, he is ineligible to receive it.

“However, given David Bisard’s most recent arrest, the FOP Executive Board will be meeting to review the facts of this latest incident to determine any impact this may have on any previous obligations the FOP has with David Bisard as a member of this Lodge.

“The collective body of the lodge has a regularly scheduled business meeting this Thursday 05/02/2013. We expect this latest development will be discussed by our overall membership. The leadership of the Indianapolis FOP acts in accordance with the direction of our membership. Therefore, we do not expect to have any further statement until the conclusion of Thursday’s business meeting.

“Our city’s police officers are professionally trained and held to the highest of professional standards. These prescribed measures are in place and they should be followed based upon facts and due consideration.

“In the interim, we ask for our community’s continued support of our police officers while they continue to proudly serve our city and keep us safe.”