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As bills pile up, Blue Crew Sports Grill closes its doors

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The Blue Crew Sports Grill is no more.

Located at 7035 E. 96th St., the north side restaurant opened in 2004 decked out with Colts gear and memorabilia. Owners hoped it would become a spot where Colts fans could gather and watch Colts games and other sporting events.

The restaurant hosted Colts-themed events and parties, but business took a downturn as the Colts’ fortunes changed.

Owners said they’ve struggled to stay afloat, and they now owe thousands of dollars in back rent. Benefit auctions, donations and money from the Colts have provided Band-Aids to help the Blue Crew Sports Grill stay in business. That couldn’t fix the restaurant’s long-term problems–and it closed suddenly Thursday morning.

In a message posted on Facebook, owner Randy Collins wrote:

Attention Colts fans, I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but the Blue Crew Sports Grill is closing its doors. We’ve been struggling to stay open for a long time, but we’ve just lost too much money to keep going. As of this morning, we’re closed. Obviously there’s no poker tonight.

We’ve enjoyed being the #1 destination for Colts fans for a long time, and we’ll miss all of you.

Thank you for the memories.

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