Family looking for dog snatched at stop light

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Mary Squires said it happened in a flash. One moment her four-year-old Miniature Pinscher, Solow, was sitting next to her in the car. He was gone in the next.

It happened at the intersection on 56th Street and Georgetown Road on April 20. Mary was on her way to the mall when she stopped at the light. Three teenagers in a run-down vehicle drove up to the right side of Mary’s car and grabbed Solow, who was perched on her window.

Squires got her little Solow four years ago as a gift from her niece.

“He is like our baby,” said Squires. “All of our children are grown. Our grandchildren are away in different states and he’s our baby.”

He got the name Solow because he’s so low to the ground. The Miniature Pinscher follows Mary everywhere she goes — whether it be at home or when she’s out running errands.

“The dog thinks he’s human,” said Squires. “Whenever he hears the keys jingle he jumps off the couch or wherever he is, and he runs to the door.”

It was no different three Saturdays ago when Mary was on her way to the mall.

“Everything was normal. Solow was just enjoying. He had his little head perched right here. The wind had been blowing in his face,” she said.

Mary stopped at the red light when three teens drove up to the right side of her car. Two of them, at the back, reached out and grabbed Solow.

They immediately made a right and sped off. It was too fast for Mary to chase after them.

“I’m still thinking, ‘Where’s Solow? Where’s Solow?’” she said. “I was dazed. I was just totally numb. I just couldn’t realize what had happened. It was all like a dream, like a really bad dream.”

Mary has been putting up these fliers all around this area. They’ve also reached out to local vets in hopes that someone would bring him in and identify Solow with his microchip.

Squires is praying for her dog to come back. She hopes whoever stole Solow is keeping him safe.

“I do believe that I’m going to get him back. I truly do,” said Mary. “Just bring him home, please.”

Solow is described as black with brown markings. His tail is not docked. He is neutered and micro-chipped. He was last seen wearing a red and black collar with a blue tag.

If you have any information involving this incident, call Philip 519-9605 or Amanda 502-5502.

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