Coaches who issued ‘bear crawl’ punishment keep jobs despite parent outrage

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Despite parent outrage, four track coaches at Cascade High School will not lose their jobs after accusations of abuse.

The images of blistered and bloody hands were hard to look at.  Students said their track coaches at Cascade High School made them do bear crawls on a hot track, and some parents wanted the coaches fired.

However, the Mill Creek Community School Corporation said the coaches will keep their jobs in the school district.

After hearing all sides, the school board said, “There was no intent to cause harm to students” and they called it “poor judgment.”

The four coaches will no longer be able to coach track, but they will keep their teaching jobs at Cascade. Some residents wonder how they will now punish students in the classroom.

“I would ask if they’re going to be in the classroom and had to discipline children would that kind of discipline translate into the classroom or just be in the coaching aspect of the job,” said resident Jonnie Wallace-Halberstadt.

Others said the school board made a bad decision.

“I wouldn’t give them their job back cause the way they treated them like that,” said resident Will Lee.  “I wouldn’t do it.”

The school district released this statement saying, “These teachers are back in the classroom today with the focus moving forward on effective teaching and student learning.”

It was also stated there was “no evidence” that the incident “would carry over to the classroom.”

Now, many residents hope the school and the families can move on with getting through the school year and focus on finals and graduation.

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