Gas prices impacted by local, international issues

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The wet spring in Indiana has contributed to a spike in gas prices across the region, and now tensions in the Middle East hold the potential to push prices up across the country as well.

Tuesday night, drivers on the north side of Indianapolis jumped at the chance to fill up gas that was a few cents cheaper than on Monday.

“I don’t know, it just seems like they’re jumping up and down,” said Pete Carr of Indianapolis.

“It beats the $3.79, 3.80 and on up,” said Patrice Hyche of Indianapolis.

But not everyone was happy.

“I was a little bit disappointed,” said Katherine Ritchie of Indianapolis.

Ritchie filled up for $3.59, but she was hoping to see a bigger drop.

“Usually, if you get gas in the middle of the week it’s a little bit less than if you get it on the weekend,” Ritchie said. “When I pulled by the gas station I was like, ‘Oh wow, it’s still up.'”

According to AAA, prices in the metro are definitely still up. The average this week is $3.73, that’s more than 10-cents higher than the previous week. In April, the average price was $3.59.

The price increase is a trend across Indiana, but it hasn’t been the case across the country. In the past month, the average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has grown to 20-cents more than the national average.

According to, the recent rain across the region has been a major contributing factor. The record setting rain led to shutdowns of some pipelines in the region and caused setbacks to oil refineries.

“If it’s because of the rain, it should come back down again,” Ritchie said.

Though Indiana’s weather has cleared up, crude oil may be the next problem contributing to higher gas prices. Tensions in Syria have already caused the price of oil to rise slightly.

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