Bisard due in court Thursday for bond revocation hearing

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ALLEN COUNTY – Suspended Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer David Bisard will appear in an Allen County courtroom Thursday.

Judge John Surbeck will conduct a bond revocation hearing for Bisard, who is free on a $10,000 bond related to the deadly crash in August 2010 in which his squad car slammed into a group of motorcyclists, killing one and severely injuring two others. Prosecutors said Bisard was drunk when it happened, although blood evidence had been in dispute.

On Saturday, April 27, Bisard was arrested following a second crash while driving a pickup truck in Lawrence. In that case, police said he tested for a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said Bisard is a danger to society and should remain in jail. He’s expected to argue Thursday that Bisard violated his bond provisions and showed disrespect for the court by getting arrested again.

Legal expert and defense attorney Jack Crawford—who is not representing Bisard—said Surbeck has to weigh a variety of factors.

“The judge is going to look at the risk that Bisard is going to commit another offense. Certainly from past conduct that risk is substantial and (the judge is) going to be very concerned about that. Even if he puts (Bisard) on an alcohol monitoring device, there’s still the chance he could drive drunk,” Crawford said.

Bisard’s defense attorney John Kautzman is expected to argue that Bisard has never been convicted and shouldn’t go to jail in advance of his October trial for the August 2010 crash. Crawford believes Kautzman will push instead for a monitoring device.

“I think Kautzman will argue that there are a wide variety of things that the court can impose on Bisard to keep track of him,” Crawford said. “(They could use) a GPS device where they will know and the court will know and community corrections will know where Bisard is at any moment in time.”

On Monday, Bisard was taken from the Marion County Jail and moved to Allen County in advance of Thursday’s hearing.

In the second crash, Bisard is being held on a $25,000 bond. Prosecutors want Bisard to undergo regular alcohol monitoring if he’s released.

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