Farmers behind schedule on fruits, veggies this season

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INDIANAPOLIS — As farmers markets open across central Indiana, most farmers remain behind on their season because of a late winter and wet spring.

“It’s been a long winter,” David Sturgill with Van Antwerp Farm Market said.

Sturgill kicked off his season at the downtown Wednesday Farmer’s Market this week. He offered greenhouse tomatoes and greens, but said most of his produce remains a week or two behind schedule.

“We’re going to have everything. We’re just going to be a little later on some things,” Sturgill said.

Like Indiana’s corn and soybean farmers, the people who plant your food have also had a hard time getting into wet fields. At Waterman’s Farm Market, Bruce Waterman said he would likely skip the pea season this year, since they were supposed to go in this March but never dried out.

Waterman’s strawberries are blooming but also remain a week or two behind.

“It’s just going to be late,” Waterman said.

If you stick to the supermarket, the delay will be much less noticeable. Kroger reported no major issues, with lots of produce coming from other states and plans in place to supplement anything that doesn’t come in locally.

Still, for Sturgill every week counts for business. He said that he’s hoping for a much better season to come.

“We need sunlight. … And lots of it,” Sturgill said.

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