Police: Peeping Tom’s spree goes further than first thought

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New information has been released about a man accused of sneaking into tanning beds and dressing rooms  and taking pictures of women.  Police said his spree went further than the first thought.

It is safe to say Christopher Simmons likes to take pictures of women without them knowing about it.  He admitted as much to officers.  About a dozen women found out they were victims, thanks to a man and his cellphone.

There was a pile of stuff at the curb at Simmon’s house but nobody is home. Neighbor Lisa McNeely said the entire family skipped town.

“It looked like The Beverly Hillbillies,” said McNeely. “It was piled up high and then they took off.”

The 34-year-old Simmons admitted he took pictures of women without them knowing it – in a Victoria Secret dressing room, and a tanning salon in Plainfield, as well as at the Sol Spa in Martinsville.

That is where Chris Allen tans.

“I was shocked,” said Allen.  “We’ve been coming here to tan for several months now and I like it, it’s a nice place.

“It’s clean, it’s friendly and to here that someone in our area was doing something like that is just bizarre.”

Investigators found 21 pictures inside tanning bed booths at Sol Spa.  According to reports, every one of Simmons’ victims had “no clothes on.”  Simmons also told police he downloaded pictures “of children that were naked and/or involved in a sexual act.”

“A sick person does that,” said Allen.

McNeely said it was no wonder her former neighbor got caught. She was just glad the Simmons family is gone.

“I wouldn’t want to live by them again.”

McNeely said what made it especially tough is the fact that the Simmons family had two young girls with them, wrapped up in the ordeal. Simmons was arrested, but has since bonded out.

Investigators are still looking for more of Simmons’ alleged victims.

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