Coolest weather in over two weeks set to hit city over next 48 hours

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Mother’s Day will be cool but clear and dry.

The coldest weather in over two weeks is set to arrive later on today for Indianapolis.  Frost will be possible overnight tonight and Monday morning with temperatures possibly dipping to the mid-30s.  The cooler weather won’t stick around for very long.

Today:  Mostly cloudy with temperatures down about 10 degrees behind a cold front.  A secondary cold front will pass through the area later on this afternoon bringing


Second fronts rolls through later on today. Little rain with it.

another chance for rain.  At this point it looks like the rain showers will move through the state between 4p and 7p with a brief round of about 10 minutes of rain.  Clouds should be in place with winds out of the northwest for the entire day.

Mother’s Day/Frost Possibilities:  Clear skies and cool weather.  Frost will be possible to kick off the day but light winds out of the northwest along with late clearing skies makes any frost we see for the day likely to be only isolated.  There will be a better chance for frost on Monday morning with lighter winds and clear skies all day long.  The rest of Mother’s Day will be fantastic if not a bit cool for some with highs in the upper 50s and clear skies.  Enjoy your day moms…

Return Of Heat: If you’re a fan of the 80s then you’ll love the rest of the forecast as Tuesday through Friday we expect to see temperatures in the 80s.  A ridge of high pressure will move in from the west and will push temperatures into the 80s.  The week’s hottest day will likely be on Wednesday with highs in the mid-80s.  There is a chance for rain on Thursday as a front slides into the state but stalls out north of Indianapolis.  There should be a noticeable temperature difference across the state with temperatures much cooler north of Kokomo.


Frost possible on Sunday and Monday mornings.

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