Energy reports show neighbors who save the most

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For Indiana homeowners like Geri Fields, there are a lot of places where you can cut back on energy use.

“I never thought about energy efficiency previously,” Fields said.

That was until Fields got a free home energy assessment through Energizing Indiana. She learned about ways to cut back on her use and in turn, her bills.

“Being more energy efficient helps us personally in our home and managing our finances,” Fields said.

A group of Indianapolis Power and Light customers are getting even more help this month, too. More than 85,000 customers will get Home Energy Reports in the mail, showing their energy use compared to 100 of their neighbors.

“You can see where this person is consuming a lot more energy than those who live around them,” said IPL Spokeswoman Brandi Davis-Handy, pointing to one report.

The reports target customers that IPL believes could save the most money by taking steps to cut back on usage. The report also includes tips specific to each customer.

Those tips apply to everyone and could help you save money. The biggest cost-saver is investment in a programmable thermostat that you change, depending on when you are home. IPL estimates the savings at $245 a year there. Other tips include using the power-saving mode on your computer, saving an estimated $40 a year. You could also save $35 a year by using and switching off power strips and $10 by simply clearing the area around your vents.

IPL customers can request to become a part of the program or see their own tips for savings on the company’s website at