Bomb squad called after workers encounter explosive device

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ELWOOD – Workers who were cleaning in Elwood came across an explosive, police say.

The crew was cleaning the property at 1811 S. F Street on Tuesday when they found a glass jar that contained an apparent explosive. The workers called Elwood police, and an officer arrived to check it out.

After agreeing with the workers’ assessment that the device was an explosive, the officer secured it and called the Delaware County Bomb Squad. Bomb squad technicians confirmed that the device was an explosive and defused it. The device was filled with broken glass, nails, BB’s, screws and other shrapnel.

Elwood police are now trying to figure out where the explosive came from. Detectives have collected some evidence that may point them in the right direction. They’re asking anyone with information to call (765) 552-3376 and ask for Captain Scott Bertrum.