Coroner: Waynesville victims were all shot in the head

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The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that they believe the quadruple homicide in Waynesville was drug related.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Mark Gorbett gave an update on the progress of the investigation and released the 911 call made from the home that night.

Gorbett said it is unclear if they are looking for one or more suspects.

Investigators have interviewed two persons of interest, but no arrests have been made.

Gorbett says Meth, gun shells and a knife were recovered from the home and a rifle was found near the crime scene.

Bartholomew County Coroner Larry Fishers said ‪the autopsies on the victims have been completed and the remains have been returned to the families for burial.‬

Fisher said at a news conference Tuesday that ‪this was a very violent and brutal attack. ‬

‪”All victims have suffered gunshot wounds to the head. Also, the males suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body,” said Fisher‬.

‪Kathy Burton was shot once and suffered multiple stab wounds to the body.‬

‪Toxicology and ballistics tests will be performed and will take several weeks to complete.‬

‪Sheriff’s Deputies will hold the crime scene until they are confident they they have collected every bit of evidence.‬

Late Tuesday afternoon, Daniel Burton showed up at the home accompanied by investigators.

Burton and police went into the home and were inside for a period of time.

Burton did not speak with reporters Tuesday, but Sheriff Gorbett said Burton is cooperating with investigators and is not considered a suspect at this time.

‪Burton lived in the home with his mother, Kathy, and Tommy Smith. ‬

‪He was working Saturday night and came home to the crime scene and called 911.‬