Hoosiers flocking to buy lottery tickets, hoping to win big

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Hoosiers hope their lottery tickets are winners.

The Mega Millions jackpot climbed up to $170 million before the numbers were drawn Tuesday night. People in 43 states played for the chance to win. The winning numbers: 6, 10, 12, 28, 32 and MB was 38!

Meanwhile, the Powerball is up to $360 million. People across 45 states can play the Powerball.

Tuesday evening, people kept the Sunoco Mart off 10th street busy, buying tickets. The majority of people played the Powerball.

“I just take my chances. Hopefully I’ll win. If not, (I will) try it again,” Chet Montgomery said.

Everyone who played said they did not have a strategy. People said they wouldn’t spend their winnings extravagantly.

“(I would) take care of my family; (that) would be the first obligation,” Jeff Cornelius said.

Another player said he would take care of his family too.

“I mean, I would be excited (if I won), but you know, more so happy that I (could) take care of people,” Corey Patrick said.

Powerball numbers will be drawn Wednesday.