Trio arrested at Rush County meth lab

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RUSH COUNTY, IND. — State Police, along with law enforcement members from multiple agencies arrest three on various drug-related charges Monday night.

Officers converged on a house and mobile home in the 1500 block of East County Road 1000 North around 7 p.m.

After serving the warrant and searching the premises, officers located an active meth lab in the mobile home.

Police arrested three individuals.

Chad Dishman, 40, ran into a nearby wooded area when officers arrived but was captured a short time later. He faces three meth-related felony charges as well as two misdemeanor charges.

Dishman’s and his girlfriend Cindy Cox, 48, were living in the mobile home where the lab was found. She was also arrested, and is facing three felony charges.

Wade Dishman, 37, was arrested and charged with four felony charges.

Police removed two children from the residences and turned them over to Rush County Child Protective Services.