Bloomington boy tells classmates he has “kill list”

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A 12-year-old Central Indiana boy has been kicked out of school after he told his classmates he made a “kill list” of people he had a grudge against, police said.

Bloomington Police were called to Fairview Elementary Wednesday afternoon. School officials soon learned there was no actual list and no one was ever in danger.

Administrators are calling the students heroes for alerting them immediately.

“They just reported what they had overheard and knew that it was something that they wanted an adult to address,” said Principal Karen Adams. “As soon as we had the information, we spoke with the student, involved their parents.”

Adams credits a program called Life Skills where Bloomington Police officers teach older elementary school students in the Monroe County School Corporation anti-violence and anti-bullying skills and safety procedures. They also empower them with the tools to know when to stand up and speak out.

“A big piece of the curriculum is talking about the importance of reporting and then also pointing out, what is the difference between tattling and reporting?” explained Becky Rose, the Director of Student Services. “It’s not always tattling or snitching.

“If it’s something that involves violence or someone’s going to be hurt, someone’s feeling threatened, it’s critical that that be reported.”

In a day and age when the national conversation is focused on whether or not there should be guns at schools, Fairview Elementary officials want to arm kids with the courage to speak up. They said Wednesday’s incident proves it’s working.

“We need them, you know. Their voice is important,” said Rose. “They can be a hero and they can make our schools safe.”

The 12-year-old boy will not be allowed to come back to school this year. Police detectives plan to meet with the boy and his parents.