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Homicide claims youngest victim of the year, no arrests yet

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Police say a 1-year-old girl is the latest, and youngest, homicide victim of the year, but so far there have been no arrests.

When officers responded to 600 block of South Marion Avenue on May 4, they found Aubrie Strode-Dunn dead on the floor. Now, detectives are calling the death a homicide, after a coroner’s report that found the girl died from blunt force trauma.

So far, no arrests have been made and detectives are tight-lipped about the investigation.

“Seemed like a happy go-lucky little girl,” said Paula White, who lives in the duplex where the young girl died.

Aubrie Strode-Dunn was a familiar face to Paula White, whose front door is just feet away from the apartment where Aubrie’s mother lived. When police arrived on May 4, White wished she wasn’t so close.

“When I walked to the door, then I saw the baby lying on the living room floor,” White said. “They had a blanket over her but I knew she was dead.”

On Friday, all that remained at the apartment was a pair of Aubrie’s sandals. White said her mother and the man whom she lived with in the apartment haven’t been back for a week.

“To think that this innocent little baby… I don’t know what she could have done that would have made anybody hit her like that,” White said.

Paula said she didn’t hear any screaming or crying on the day the girl died, but she said when police arrived both the mother and the man she lived with were there.

“I’ve been praying for him and the mom both since it happened,” White said. “Whoever is at fault, they’ve got a horrible thing that they’re going to have to live with, and whether we’ll ever find out what happened or not I don’t know.”