Police: Citizen’s tip gets drunk semi driver off the road

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An citizen’s tip is credited with taking a drunk semi driver off the road, police said Tuesday.

A motorist flagged two state troopers down near the 271 mile marker on Interstate 69 in Grant County. The motorists told the troopers that a semi driver was driving erratically in the southbound lanes near a construction zone.

Officers caught up with a semi-tractor, pulling a closed box trailer a short time later. The troopers said the semi driver, later identifed as Jason Hunsberger, was swerving from lane to lane, crossing the center line and driving on the shoulder of the interstate.

As police tried to pull the semi driver over, he almost hit one officer, officials said.

Police said Hunsberger had a BAC of .26, more than six times the legal limit for commercial drivers.