Family tired of junk mail addressed to dog, mails feces to Anthem

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Who doesn’t hate junk mail? While most would just toss it in the garbage bin, one family decided to fight fire with… well, not fire; but dog poop.

The family was tired of Anthem mailing advertisements to their dog.

A package sent to the company’s office on Virginia Avenue included dog feces and a note. The family told Anthem they were tired of their “crap”.

“Your bulk mailer has purchased a bogus name. Our dog does not need Medicare insurance and has never written a letter nor called Anthem requesting such trash,” the letter said.

“When are these solicitations going to stop arriving? Well, let’s see if you like your trash back. What comes around, goes around!”

The family ended the letter by saying, “Bon appetite”.

The company says this is the second time they’ve received a pile of dog feces at their Virgina Avenue office in so many months.

Police have forwarded their investigation onto the postal inspector.

It’s not clear if Anthem has since removed this family’s dog from their mailing list.