Stretching your dollar with discounted massages

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Colin Smith likes a good deal—and a good massage.

He can get both at Indiana Therapeutic Massage located off North Michigan Road and 79th Street in Indianapolis.

“Even though they are students, they really know what they’re doing. They really do a great job,” he said.

The massages are therapeutic and relaxing, and the cost is also “relaxing” on your finances. The student-performed massages are only $30 per hour.

It’s $50 per hour to get a massage by a Certified Massage Therapist Morgan Sheets, who gave Colin his massage. Sheets used to be a student in 2010. Now she’s a certified therapist, who still gives patient massages at the school.

“I used to work at a spa here in town where people paid $75 to get a massage. And so here, if you can come in and get a $50 massage, that’s saving $25. But obviously I’m still the same quality of therapist,” Sheets said.

Indiana Therapeutic Massage is located at 7780 North Michigan Road. The owner said it’s a 600-hour course to become a therapist. Students will take classes on anatomy, physiology, pathology, infant massage and even canine massage.

“Our students are supervised, and highly trained. They are highly motivated and do a great job. Coming up in June, we also have a special massage done by students,” said Janis Legendra, operator of Indiana Therapeutic Massage. “It’s only $20 for an hour and it’s exclusively for teachers.”

You can go online to schedule an appointment or call (317) 439-4448. Online reservations are preferred and easiest to book.

The students’ studies include 50 massages on the public, and that’s why you get it so inexpensively. Massages are also limited to when class is in session.

Even so, they still have day, night and weekend times available, but those fill up fast. If you want more flexibility for fitting in a massage, they also have the certified therapists.