9-year-old delivers food for Oklahoma tornado victims

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Morgan Young, 9, was a girl of few words as she and her family unloaded hundreds of cans of food at Midwest Food Bank on Friday. In fact, the only thing she said while Fox59’s camera was rolling was strictly business.

“It’s $100 dollars,” Morgan said, as she handed over a cash donation that came on top of a week of collecting food for victims of the tornado in Moore, Okla.

Last week, Morgan told Fox59 News that she felt compelled to help the storm victims after seeing the devastation at an elementary school, which killed seven kids the same age as her, and left many injured and homeless.

“I felt bad about them losing their family,” Morgan said, “their friends, teachers and possessions.”

She told her mom that she wanted to do something, so she quickly began organizing a canned food drive near Frankfort.

By the time Fox59 News caught up with her last week, Morgan had already collected about 400 cans. In the week since, the donations kept growing and so did the comments and likes on her food drive Facebook page.

By the time she arrived at Midwest Food Bank in Indianapolis, she had collected more than 1,200 cans.

“Two hundred cans is what her original goal was,” said her mother Leslie Phillips. “The fact that we have over 1,000 cans is just crazy. It’s absolutely amazing.”

All the attention and praise has left Morgan a little speechless. On Friday, she also learned that her work led directly to a staggering 1,309 pounds of food that will help Midwest Food Banks ongoing relief effort in Oklahoma.

The overwhelming response and praise, has left Morgan a little speechless. Then again, her actions say plenty.