Police: Driver who fatally struck Lafayette woman was under the influence

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Donna Ubelhor, 73, was gardening in her front yard Wednesday, talking with a neighbor when a SUV went off the road and hit them.

James Brown suffered non-life threatening injuries, but Ubelhor died a short time later at a nearby hospital.

Police say 21-year-old Elizabeth Wesner was behind the wheel of the SUV and was taken into custody.

donnaubelhorA nearby neighbor said what happened was a tragedy.

“Some of the neighborhood people were talking, saying I just walked to VP 10 minutes ago, that could have been me or my son or my daughter. Just tells you how precious life is,” said neighbor Rob Dilden.

Wesner admitted to police that she drank alcohol and smoked marijuana that afternoon. Wesner’s urine sample also tested positive for pot and amphetamine, according to court documents.

Wesner is charged with operating a motor vehicle causing death while under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. Formal charges are expected next week.

Service for Ubelhor are scheduled for this Sunday in Lafayette.